ID 266

Algebra  K4 A number has a 7 in the tens place.
There is a zero in the thousands place.
The number 5 is in the hundreds place.
The number has 5 in the ones place.
There is a number 1 in the ten thousands place.

Find the number.

ID 1112

Algebra  K4What number is exactly half-way between these two numbers?

ID 1731

Algebra  K4Find two numbers whose sum is 10 and whose product is 9.

ID 2728

Algebra  K4 A number has a 7 in the tens place.
There is a 5 in the thousands place.
Zero is in the hundreds place.
There is a number 1 in the ten thousands place.

Find the number.

ID 3825

Algebra  K4How many pencils are there in six boxes if each box holds a dozen pencils?

ID 3837

Algebra  K4There are twelve parts of an orange.

If it is divided between three children, how many pieces does each child have?

ID 3838

Algebra  K4I make a square with 4 matches.

How many matches are needed to make five separated squares?

ID 3899

Algebra  K4How many pieces do I get if I cut the log along the red planes?

ID 4204

Algebra  K4Share $52 among 4 students so that each child will get the same amount of money.

How much does a student get?

ID 4302

Algebra  K4There is the same number of apples in each paper bag.

There are 20 apples altogether.

How many apples are there in the first bag?

ID 4348

Algebra  K4Julia wants to buy at least 20 apples for a party.

If there are 3 apples in each paper bag, how many bags should she buy?

ID 4350

Algebra  K4A parking garage has 7 levels and 336 parking spaces in all.

How many parking spaces are there on each level if the number is the same for each level?

ID 4408

Algebra  K4Once upon a time, there were three little pigs.
A pig wanted to build a house of 19 bundles of straw.
Straw costs $29 a bundle.

How much will he spend?

ID 4700

Algebra  K4How many pills have been eaten?

ID 4775

Algebra  K4How many quarters are there in 10 dollars?

One quarter is 25 cents.

ID 5376

Algebra  K4At your birthday party you counted 48 hungry eyes.

How many guests were at the party?

Don't count yourself.

ID 6114

Algebra  K4Jane subtracts a number from 99 and gets twice that number.

What is the number?

ID 6787

Algebra  K4Leslie Green asks:

Which equality is incorrect for ordinary numbers?

ID 6920

Algebra  K4Hoppy the Frog starts jumping from the circle (2).

If Hoppy jumped 10 times clockwise, which circle would he end up at?

ID 6921

Algebra  K4I have 2 types of planks with the same width.

What is the length of the side of the square if the sizes of the smaller planks are 12cm x 36cm?

ID 7135

Algebra  K4 After replacing 'X' with a number, both sides of the line should add up to the same total.

What is the number?

ID 7138

Algebra  K4What number goes to the first box to get 9 at the end of the chain?