ID 300

Algebra  K5The numbers below form a pattern.

-1, 111, . . .

Which of the following numbers will fit the pattern when it is extended?

ID 324

Algebra  K5Which ordered pair is located inside the triangle?

ID 330

Algebra  K5The height of Anna's cubic aquarium is 48 cm.
Anna is two and a half times as tall as her aquarium height.

How tall is she?

ID 368

Algebra  K5Which point on the number line is closest to (0 + 1 – 2 x 3) ?

ID 1025

Algebra  K5The origin of a coordinate system is the point where x and y equal zero.

Where do you put the origin to get enough space on the given grid for the three points: R (-2 , -5), Q (2 , -2) and P (6 , 1)?

ID 1138

Algebra  K5Which number has the least value?

ID 1653

Algebra  K5I multiplied all digits of the number 754531.

7 x 5 x 4 x 5 x 3 x 1

Find the last digits of the product.

Choose the answer without using a calculator.

ID 1891

Algebra  K5Eight apples are worth three oranges.
How many apples can you trade for 15 oranges?

ID 2729

Algebra  K5 A number has a 5 in the tens place.
There is a 5 in the hundreds place.
There is a number 1 in the ten thousands place.

Find the number.

ID 2771

Algebra  K5The numbers below form a pattern.

-2, 11, . . .

Which of the following numbers will fit the pattern when it is extended?

ID 2772

Algebra  K5The numbers below form a pattern.

-11, 10, 31, . . .

Which of the following numbers will fit the pattern when it is extended?

ID 2796

Algebra  K5Which ordered pair is located inside the triangle?

ID 2803

Algebra  K5The height of Anna's cubic aquarium is 40 cm.
Anna is three and a half times as tall as her aquarium height.

How tall is she?

ID 2847

Algebra  K5144 divided by 4 is the same as 4 times X.

Find X.

ID 3246

Algebra  K5What number is exactly half-way between 66 and 166?

ID 3427

Algebra  K5Find two numbers whose sum is 7 and whose product is 10.

ID 3821

Algebra  K5Choose a number between 1 and 4.
Add 9.
Repeat adding 9 until the result exceeds 50.

Which answer only contains possible results?

ID 3823

Algebra  K5What is the nearest number to 300 that is exactly divisible by 17?

ID 3824

Algebra  K5There are 8 finalists in the 5,000 m race.

How many meters do they cycle altogether in the final?

ID 3826

Algebra  K5There are 60 lines on 2 pages of a book and 48 characters on each line.

How many characters are there altogether?

ID 3829

Algebra  K5I have read 123 of the 1234-page book.
How many more pages must I read until I reach the middle?

ID 3831

Algebra  K5Five hundred and twenty-seven people get on a train in Geneva, two hundred and seventeen get off at Lausanne, and sixty-three get on in Bern.

How many people arrive in Zurich?

ID 3833

Algebra  K5Anna walked 123 strides to school.
One-third of the way to school was an honesty shop.

How far is the school from the honesty shop?

ID 3834

Algebra  K5A swimming pool is 25 meters long.

How many meters would the winner swim if he did 16 lengths?

ID 3835

Algebra  K5John saved $7 each week and spent $10 on visiting the cinema with his girlfriend Anna every month.
He bought the tickets.

How much did he save in the first half of 2015?

ID 3839

Algebra  K5Six people can sit at the guest table of the French King Louis XIV.

How many such tables are needed to seat 54 people?

ID 3841

Algebra  K5Anna saves the shown amount of Swiss cents every day.
How many cents does she save in a week?

ID 3850

Algebra  K5What part of the large square is red?

ID 3854

Algebra  K5In a girls' school with 80 students, 4 are absent.

What is the fraction of the students absent?

ID 3860

Algebra  K5How many of the following numbers add up to twenty nine?

5 7 11 13 17 19 21

ID 4203

Algebra  K5Share $222 among 19 students and keep the least possible change for you.

How much do you get?

ID 4212

Algebra  K5Jane is cooking for 22 pirates.
She needs 2 eggs per pirate and at least 3 eggs for herself.

How many dozens of eggs should she bring to the kitchen?

ID 4301

Algebra  K5There is the same number of apples in each paper bag.

There are 35 apples altogether.

How many apples are there in the third bag?

ID 4349

Algebra  K5Lauren bought 3 ice cream cones for $4.77.

What is the price of each cone if they are priced equally?

ID 4370

Algebra  K5One complete velodrome lap is 400m.
Jenny cycled seven and a half laps.

What distance did she cover?

ID 4410

Algebra  K5Once upon a time, there were three little pigs.
A pig wanted to build a house of straw.
The pig worked on his house 9 hours a day for 3 weeks except Sunday.

How long did he work?

ID 4433

Algebra  K5How many weeks are there in 1000 days?

ID 4434

Algebra  K5Which is bigger?

ID 4459

Algebra  K5Find the result.

ID 4558

Algebra  K5There are 1,234 students in a school.

If 12 are absent and 123 went off on a field trip, how many students remain at the school?

ID 4713

Algebra  K5Gerry shares 6 nuts among 4 boys.
How many nuts does each boy receive?

ID 4765

Algebra  K5Dan drove his car at 50 miles per hour for three and half hours.

How many miles did he go?

ID 4789

Algebra  K5A family of seven have eaten 84 pancakes and 35 pancakes are left in the morning.

If each family member eats the same number of pancakes, and all pancakes have been eaten before noon, how many pancakes does each person eat?

ID 4937

Algebra  K5A family is driving 130 miles from their hometown to grandpa's place.
Twenty miles before the half-way point they stopped for a break.

How many miles do they still have to go?

ID 4939

Algebra  K5A teacher divided a class of 32 children into teams.

What can she do?

ID 5077

Algebra  K5Everybody in the picture including animals have 32 teeth.

How many teeth do they have in total?

ID 5182

Algebra  K5Find A.

ID 6246

Algebra  K5It takes the wool from 15 sheep to make six coats.

The wool from how many sheep is needed to make 8 coats?

ID 6630

Algebra  K5Jane finds that the sum of the facing pages of the open book is 333.

What pages are opened?

ID 6790

Algebra  K5Leslie Green asks:

A linear transform takes a value and converts it into another value using a rule such as 'add 3 then multiply the result by 3'

Which of these is the same transform?

ID 6840

Algebra  K5Eight racers run in the final. Jane beat three racers more than beat her.

Which place did Jane end up in?

ID 6884

Algebra  K5Evguenia solves 7 math problems in 15 minutes and all of them except one - correctly.

At this rate, how many problems can she solve correctly in an hour?

ID 7136

Algebra  K5 After replacing 'X' with a number, both sides of the line should add up to the same total.

What is the number?