ID 297

Practical Mathematics K5If one apple costs 17p, how much do four apples cost?

ID 301

Practical Mathematics K5John and his sister collect postage stamps.
He has 777 postage stamps, and his sister has 333.

How many more stamps does John need to collect in order to reach his goal of 1000 postage stamps?

ID 326

Practical Mathematics K5What needs to be added to 5 dollars and 55 cents to make 10 dollars?

ID 329

Practical Mathematics K5Berlin is +6oC.
London is +3oC.
Moscow is -11oC.
New York is +5oC.
Oslo is -7oC.
Paris is +10oC.
Rome is +12oC.
Sydney is +21oC.

How much higher is the temperature in New York than the temperature in Moscow?

ID 342

Practical Mathematics K5Ben's grandmother asked him to go to the store to buy strawberries.
He only had $7.

Which set of baskets did he buy?

ID 343

Practical Mathematics K5 Alex has started painting a fence.
By twelve o'clock, he has painted this much of the fence:

Which fraction of the total fence is painted?

ID 344

Practical Mathematics K5Mr. Johnson has a large piece of land, as pictured here.
He divided the land into 4 parts by 2 red lines.

Which is the smallest part?

ID 357

Practical Mathematics K5At a local school, students sold post cards for a fundraiser. The bar graph shows how many cards were sold by each student.

How many cards did the students sell in all?

ID 358

Practical Mathematics K5The total land area of the United States is 9,172,389 square kilometers.

What is this value rounded to the nearest thousand square kilometers?

ID 362

Practical Mathematics K5Which is the best estimate of the total cost of these toys?

ID 372

Practical Mathematics K5The price of an apple is 31 cents.
The price of a tangerine is 40 cents.
When one brother owes the other money, he pays the debt in apples and tangerines, with “change” received in the form of apples or tangerines.
For example, a 49 cents debt could be paid with two tangerines, with one apple received in change.

What is the amount of the smallest debt that can be paid in this way?

ID 373

Practical Mathematics K5John had $89 in his piggy bank.
He added $10.

How could he split the money in the piggybank at a ratio of 10:1?

ID 381

Practical Mathematics K5A team has $90.00 to buy balls.
One ball costs $7. The team gets every fifth ball for half-price.

What is the largest number of balls the team can purchase?

ID 1285

Practical Mathematics K5What time is 137 minutes before noon?

ID 1294

Practical Mathematics K5A clock shows this time.

How long is it from this time until 11am?

Remember, there may be more than one correct answer.

ID 1336

Practical Mathematics K5A sign shows how much time it takes to walk from Montheron Abbey to different places.

Which of the places is the closest to the abbey?

ID 1715

Practical Mathematics K5How many streets are there on the map?

ID 1717

Practical Mathematics K5John ate a piece of a pizza and left the rest for his friends, Jim and Jack.

The diagram shows the amount of pizza Jim and Jack equally shared.

Who ate the smallest amount of the pizza?

ID 2741

Practical Mathematics K5Eugenia is learning to play the piano.
She practices 45 minutes a day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
On Saturday she practices for one hour and 15 minutes.

How much time per week does Eugenia spend practicing piano?

ID 2768

Practical Mathematics K5If one apple costs 19c, how much do four apples cost?

ID 2774

Practical Mathematics K5John and his sister collect postage stamps.
He has 567 postage stamps, and his sister has 129.

How many more stamps does John have compared to his sister's collection?

[The stamps shown are from the Swiss Confederation, Helvetia being an abbreviation of the Latin Confoederatio Helvetica.]

ID 2826

Practical Mathematics K5Which is the best estimate of the total cost of the two most expensive toys?

ID 2868

Practical Mathematics K5The figure shows the diagram of a living room floor.
The walls are shaded.

What is the interior perimeter of the living room?

ID 3481

Practical Mathematics K5What time will the clock show in 65 minutes?

ID 3695

Practical Mathematics K5I saw the lightning strike the ground near the far side of the lake and heard a thunderclap 12 seconds later.

Estimate the width of the lake if the sound speed was about a kilometer in three seconds.

ID 3729

Practical Mathematics K5Your dad pays you $144 a day for the 6 seconds that you take to wash your hands.
How much did you make for washing your hands?

ID 4132

Practical Mathematics K5In April a car is driven 22 miles, 23 miles, 38 miles, and 37 miles.

What is the average daily mileage in April?

ID 4138

Practical Mathematics K5A 165 R15 radial tire costs $59.95 and the Federal Excise Tax is $2.39.

What is the total cost of the tire?

ID 4299

Practical Mathematics K5At the next stop, 3 students get off while 5 get on.

If initially there were 4 students on the bus, how many people are there on the bus now?

ID 4432

Practical Mathematics K5A sign shows how much time it takes to walk from Montheron Abbey to different places.

How much more time does it take to go to Lausanne than to the closest place?

ID 4474

Practical Mathematics K5What is the speed of a ball that flies 48 meters in 8 seconds?

ID 4604

Practical Mathematics K5Gerry gets $5 each week for his pocket money.
Jane gets double that amount.

How much did they get together in February?

ID 4772

Practical Mathematics K5Jane paid six dollars and thirty cents for 9 eggs.

How much did each egg cost in cents?

ID 4776

Practical Mathematics K5If each coin has a value of 50 centimes, how much money is there?

ID 4780

Practical Mathematics K5How many dimes are worth 22 quarters?

A quarter dollar, or quarter, is a U.S. coin worth 25 cents, and a dime is a ten-cent coin.

ID 4794

Practical Mathematics K5A mile long train travels 2 miles a minute.

How much time does it take for the train to go through a 3-mile tunnel?

ID 4821

Practical Mathematics K5There are 555 students in a school.

How many desks does the school need if two children sit at each desk?

ID 4940

Practical Mathematics K5A puzzle used to cost $49.95 but now the price is $33.45.

How much is the discount?

ID 4946

Practical Mathematics K5What is the least and the most number of fathers the girls might have?

ID 5022

Practical Mathematics K5What is the minimum number of people needed in a boat to be certain that at least two of them were born in the same day of the week?

ID 5066

Practical Mathematics K5A puppy sleeps a total of 84 hours per week of 7 days.

On average, how much does he sleep each day?

ID 5397

Practical Mathematics K5Jane has $3.50 in dimes.

How many dimes does she have?

A dime is a ten-cent coin.

ID 5457

Practical Mathematics K5If Edgar cleans his teeth twice per week and changes the toothbrush every time he uses it, how many brushes does he need every month?

ID 5607

Practical Mathematics K5The evening temperature is shown in the picture below. The temperature dropped 6° by midnight.

What was the midnight temperature?

ID 5669

Practical Mathematics K5Ann bought shampoo ($7), conditioner ($4), gel ($6), a comb ($3), and a brush ($5).

How much money would she have saved if she had refused to buy all these items?

ID 5828

Practical Mathematics K5The Summer Olympic Games are held every four years.

How many Summer Olympic Games are held in a century?

ID 5888

Practical Mathematics K5Estimate how many cubes there are in the first layer (base) of the tower.

ID 5895

Practical Mathematics K5I throw a bowling ball and knock down a pin.

What is the minimum non-zero score possible?

ID 5908

Practical Mathematics K5How many hundred dollars are there in $12,345 ?

ID 5913

Practical Mathematics K5Four sisters are all 3 years apart in age.
The youngest is only 4 years.

How old is the eldest sister?

ID 5917

Practical Mathematics K5What would be the speed if the car moves 5 times faster?

ID 5921

Practical Mathematics K5Len's number is 31 (12 + 5 + 14).
Jim's number is 32 (10 + 9 + 13)

What is Sam's number?

ID 5944

Practical Mathematics K5John wants to buy as many bags of cacao as possible. A bag costs $28.

He gives the seller $100.
How much change does the seller give to John?

ID 5961

Practical Mathematics K5How many small white complete squares are there in the picture?

ID 6023

Practical Mathematics K5Four blocks make an up-and-down staircase with two steps up and two steps down.
How many blocks would be needed to build an up-and-down staircase with four steps up and four steps down?

ID 6063

Practical Mathematics K5Four friends each spent a total of 15 hours working on their master's project. They completed it in 4 days.

If they spent an equal amount of time each day on the project, how much time would they have spent per day?

ID 6091

Practical Mathematics K5Jane prepares small sandwiches with two slices of biscuit each. A package of biscuits has 24 slices.

How many sandwiches can she prepare from three and a half packages of biscuits?

ID 6092

Practical Mathematics K5Jane prepares small sandwiches with two slices of biscuit each. A package of biscuits has 24 slices.

How many packages does she need to prepare 30 sandwiches?

ID 6098

Practical Mathematics K5A cake weights 1200 grams.
Evguenia cuts off a half, and then cuts that half into 3 equal pieces.
What is the weight of one of the small pieces?

ID 6140

Practical Mathematics K5Sixteen European teams enter a football tournament.
Each team plays one match against each of the other teams, with three points for a win, one point for a draw and none for a defeat.
Which of the four teams below has a greater score?

ID 6146

Practical Mathematics K5Jane cuts a pizza into quarters. Then she cuts every quarter into halves.

What part of the whole pizza is one of the pieces?

ID 6147

Practical Mathematics K5Jane wants to see a knife on the right side of each plate and a fork on the left side.

What is the least number of exchanges of a knife and a fork that Jane needs to make?

ID 6221

Practical Mathematics K5Jane bought 3 ice-creams. She gave the cashier $10 and got $2 and 80 cents change.

What was the price of an ice-cream?

ID 6258

Practical Mathematics K5Four teams are in group A of a soccer (football) tournament for young girls.
Each team plays one match against each of the other teams, with three points for a win, one point for a draw and none for a defeat. If the score is the same for two teams, the winner is the team that wins in the individual game.

Which two teams go to the next stage of the competition?

ID 6259

Practical Mathematics K5Four teams are in group A of a soccer (football) tournament for young girls.
Each team plays one match against each of the other teams, with three points for a win, one point for a draw and none for a defeat.

What is the largest possible total score (the sum of scores of all teams) in such a group?

ID 6270

Practical Mathematics K5The picture shows different ways of writing dates.

How many different dates are there?

ID 6277

Practical Mathematics K5Jane buys three ice cream cones that cost two dollars and twenty-four cents each, and pays with two five-dollar bills.

How much change should she receive?

ID 6314

Practical Mathematics K5If seven pencils cost one dollar and 19 cents in all and each pencil costs the same amount, how many pencils can you by with a dollar?

ID 6331

Practical Mathematics K5What is the difference between two and a half dollars and fifty five-cents?

ID 6495

Practical Mathematics K5Gerry buys a tennis racket for $67.90 and a dozen of balls for $19.90.
He gives the cashier two fifty-dollar bills.

How much change does he expect to receive if the cashier can count?

ID 6530

Practical Mathematics K5Gerry loves eating eggs in the morning.
It takes 5 minutes to boil an egg, 4 minutes to cool, and 3 minutes to eat it.

How much time does it take to prepare and eat 3 eggs for Gerry?

ID 6568

Practical Mathematics K5A 7-mile walking trail has a distance marker at the start, finish, and every half-mile.

How many markers are along the trail?

ID 6572

Practical Mathematics K5Gerry needs 270 feet of wood to build a fence.
The wood comes in lengths of 15 feet.

How many pieces of wood will Gerry buy?

ID 6573

Practical Mathematics K5Six concert tickets cost $72.

How much do five tickets cost?

ID 6680

Practical Mathematics K5Gerry has a pegboard with 9 pegs in a 3 by 3 square array.
The side length of the square pegboard is 30 cm.
He also has a piece of string that he wants to put from the top of pegs, so that it touches all of the pegs on the way only once.

What is the length of the string he uses?

ID 6710

Practical Mathematics K5It usually takes Little Red Riding Hood 35 minutes to get to her Granny.

However, after a recent snowstorm it took her an hour and 5 minutes to get to her Granny.

What was the increase in her time to reach her Granny's house?

ID 6744

Practical Mathematics K5Find the elapsed time from 7:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

ID 6748

Practical Mathematics K5Mary works as a baby sitter.

If she charges $8 an hour plus $2 for each child, how much is it for three kids for four hours?

ID 6752

Practical Mathematics K5Jan and Gerry together eat 3 to 5 apples every day.

Which is a reasonable number of days that it will take them to consume a bag of 30 apples?

ID 6821

Practical Mathematics K5Gerry combined 777 stacks of 8 coins into a single pile.
He then split the resulting pile into stacks of 7 coins.

How many stacks did he get?

ID 6882

Practical Mathematics K5The picture shows a road from crossroad A to crossroad B (a solid green line), and a detour (a red line).

How many meters further does one have to travel using the detour?

ID 6916

Practical Mathematics K5The size of the side of the square is 60cm.
What are the sizes of the smaller planks?

ID 6933

Practical Mathematics K5The sign shows the hours when a shop is open.

For how many hours is the shop open daily?

ID 6935

Practical Mathematics K5A subway train takes 3 minutes to start, to reach the next station and to stop. It always stays 1 minute at the station before moving forward again.

How much time does it take for Gerry to travel from his station, which is the first on the subway line, to the the seventh station?

ID 6959

Practical Mathematics K5Dates can be represented as DD.MM.YYYY.
For example, January the fifteenth 2018 can be written as 15.01.2018.

What is the earliest date among these four dates below?

ID 6967

Practical Mathematics K5Jane's mother ordered 8 bottles of 100%-natural fresh apple juice for Jane's birthday.
Each of the bottles contained two and a half full glasses of juice.

There were 18 children at the party including Jane.

How much juice is left over if each child drunk one full glass of juice?

ID 7205

Practical Mathematics K5Ten matchsticks form three squares.

How many matchsticks form six squares in the same manner?

ID 7282

Practical Mathematics K5How many times did I turn right in the maze?

ID 7384

Practical Mathematics K5How many weeks are there in a year?

ID 7392

Practical Mathematics K5Jane scored 10 points in her last game.

If baskets are worth one, two, or three points, what is the smallest possible number of the successful shorts?