ID 383

Algebra  K6999 divided by 3 is the same as 9 times X.

Find X.

ID 412

Algebra  K6Which shape is closer to (0, 0)?

ID 420

Algebra  K6Simplify the expression.

ID 424

Algebra  K6A captain sees an iceberg with a height of 80 meters above the water line. Only one-eighth (1/8) of the iceberg is visible above the water line.

What is the total height, in meters, of the iceberg?

ID 440

Algebra  K6Evaluate

31 22 13 = ?

ID 482

Algebra  K6Find the set of four positive consecutive integers such that the sum of the cubes of the first three is the cube of the fourth.

ID 1077

Algebra  K6The total fare for 4 adults and 5 children on the Funny Car trip is $39.00.

If a child's fare is half of an adult's fare, what is the adult fare?

ID 1124

Algebra  K6What is the smallest integer that is 4 times the sum of its digits?

ID 1776

Algebra  K6What is the least positive integer n such that

1 x 2 x . . . x n > 999

ID 1787

Algebra  K6Which is equal to 999?

ID 1869

Algebra  K6The product of three different positive integers is 10.

What is their sum?

ID 2795

Algebra  K6Which ordered pair is located inside the triangle?

ID 2802

Algebra  K6The height of Anna's cubic aquarium is 52 cm.
Anna is two and a half times as tall as her aquarium height.

How tall is she?

ID 2833

Algebra  K6Which point on the number line is closest to zero?

ID 2889

Algebra  K6Evaluate

13 23 33 = ?

ID 3226

Algebra  K6Anna has an average of 80 on 4 different tests.
If the lowest score is dropped, her average rises to 90.

What is her lowest score?

ID 3872

Algebra  K6The red and green shapes are two pieces that form the blue shape.

The volume of the blue block is four times the volume of the red block.

What is the volume of the green block?

ID 4098

Algebra  K6When 22 is added to a secret number, the result is three times more than the number.

Find the secret number.

ID 4411

Algebra  K6Once upon a time, there were three little pigs.
A pig built a house of bricks.
The pig got a good deal on his phone bill.
It cost him $9 the first month, $19 the second month, and $29 the following months.
What was his bill in the first year?

ID 4517

Algebra  K6Number 12345 is evenly divisible by the numbers below except . .

ID 4588

Algebra  K6Chimpanzees have 32 teeth which are very similar to those of humans which never visited dentists.

If there are 18 chimpanzees in a zoo what is the maximum possible number of their teeth?

ID 4632

Algebra  K6What number, multiplied by 5, is four-fifths of 250?

ID 4741

Algebra  K6Eighteen students are going on a picnic.

Four children can ride in each car.

How many cars are needed?

ID 4750

Algebra  K6Twenty more than a number is 11.

What is the number?

ID 4814

Algebra  K6What is the largest factor of 12345 ?

The factors of a positive integer are the numbers that divide that integer exactly.

( Strictly speaking, 12345 is the largest factor of 12345, so we really mean the next largest factor! )

ID 5114

Algebra  K6Gerry has 24 meters of fence.
The length of the garden is twice its width.

How long is the garden?

ID 5117

Algebra  K6There are 12 competitors.

If one quarter of the runners were faster than Jane, what part of the runners were slower than her?

ID 5126

Algebra  K6There are 29 barrels in a cellar.

How many of them are big?

The photograph courtesy of Roland Sauter

ID 5159

Algebra  K6Half is a quarter of it.

How much is it?

ID 5181

Algebra  K6Find A.

ID 5246

Algebra  K6Gerry exchanged a $20 bill for an equal number of nickels, dimes, and quarters.

How many dimes did Gerry receive?

Penny = 1 cent.
Nickel = 5 cents.
Dime = 10 cents.
Quarter = 25 cents.