ID 398

Practical Mathematics K6At a shop, the cost for two cereal bars and three small bottles of milk is 5.50 Swiss francs.
The cost for two cereal bars and two small bottles of milk is 4.40 Swiss francs.

How much does one cereal bar cost?

ID 406

Practical Mathematics K6The number of hours left today is half of the number of hours already passed.

What time is it?

ID 416

Practical Mathematics K6The figure shows the diagram of a living room floor.
The walls are shaded.

What is the area of the living room floor?

Do not count the walls.

ID 425

Practical Mathematics K6We want to buy 120 kilograms of potatoes.

Which is the better purchase?

ID 432

Practical Mathematics K6There are 1.52 US dollars to the UK pound.

How many dollars would you receive if you exchanged 40 pounds?

ID 434

Practical Mathematics K6The original price of an umbrella was $16.

What was the price of the umbrella after two 50% markdowns?

ID 438

Practical Mathematics K6Ann went to a movie. The movie started at 11:55 A.M. and lasted 117 minutes.

What time did the movie end?

ID 439

Practical Mathematics K6At 11:30 A.M. Alex started painting a fence.
By noon, he had painted this much of the fence:

If he continues at this rate, at what time should he finish painting this fence?

Remember, there may be more than one correct answer.

ID 441

Practical Mathematics K6Ben's grandmother asked him to go to the store to buy at least 1000 grams of strawberries.

Find the best deal.

ID 447

Practical Mathematics K6The larger counter (circle) shows seconds.
The smaller counter (circle) shows minutes.
How many seconds have passed?

ID 450

Practical Mathematics K6Ten percent of a $32.00 electricity bill is tax.

How much is the tax?

ID 472

Practical Mathematics K6A dozen balloons cost 48 cents.

How many balloons cost 1 dollar?

ID 478

Practical Mathematics K6A farmer normally sells sheep for $200 each. This winter, the farmer is offering one free sheep for each purchase of four.
Anna wants to buy 11 sheep and Kate needs 14 sheep.

How many dollars will they save if they purchase the sheep together, rather than separately?

ID 479

Practical Mathematics K6Three boys put $4, $5, and $6 in a piggy bank.

How can they split the money in a ratio of 1:2:3?

ID 1512

Practical Mathematics K6The distance between two buoys can be anything between 8 and 10 meters, even though the water depth is always the same when the distance is measured.

What is the distance between their anchors?

ID 1813

Practical Mathematics K6Two cyclists race on a circular track.
The first can ride around the track in 7 seconds, while the second in 6 seconds.

If they start off at the same point and in the same direction, what is the time when the second cyclist overtakes the first cyclist?

ID 1913

Practical Mathematics K6The boxing ring is 6 meters in length on each side between the ropes.

How much rope do we need for the ring?

ID 1935

Practical Mathematics K6A county hospital proudly announces
"A new baby is born every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day, and 500 births each week."

What is the difference between the two advertised numbers?

ID 2016

Practical Mathematics K6An amoeba is a shapeless unicellular organism.
An amoeba propagates by simple division into two amoebas; each split takes 3 minutes to complete.
An hour ago, I put one amoeba in an empty jam jar.
Now, the jar is full of amoebas.
When was the jar half full?

ID 2226

Practical Mathematics K6Four hundred dried cocoa beans weigh 1 pound or 0.45kg.

What is the weight of the bag with 60,000 beans?

ID 2259

Practical Mathematics K6Jim is happy this evening.

How many minutes to midnight, do you reckon it is?

ID 2801

Practical Mathematics K6Berlin is +6oC.
London is +3oC.
Moscow is -11oC.
New York is +5oC.
Oslo is -7oC.
Paris is +10oC.
Rome is +12oC.
Sydney is +21oC.

How much higher is the temperature in Rome than the temperature in Oslo?

ID 2815

Practical Mathematics K6Which set of baskets is the least expensive?

ID 2816

Practical Mathematics K6Mr. Johnson has a large piece of land, as pictured here.
He divided the land into 4 parts by 2 red lines.

Which two parts have the same area?

ID 2838

Practical Mathematics K6John had $89 in his piggy bank.
He added $32.

How could he split the money in the piggybank in the ratio of 10:1?

ID 2845

Practical Mathematics K6A team has $105 to buy balls.
One ball costs $8. The team gets every sixth ball for half-price.

What is the largest number of balls the team can obtain?

ID 2887

Practical Mathematics K6At 11:00 A.M. Alex started painting a fence.
By noon, he had painted this much of the fence:

If he continues at this rate, at what time should he finish painting this fence?

ID 2928

Practical Mathematics K6How many quarters are there in 7 and a half dollars?

ID 2929

Practical Mathematics K6Tom drove his car 150 kilometers in 4 hours.
He continued to drive at double this speed.

How many hours will it take him to drive another 225 kilometers?

ID 3859

Practical Mathematics K6What is the largest number of pizza pieces I can obtain by making three diameter cuts?

I don't move the pieces.

ID 4171

Practical Mathematics K6Which of the following is equal to 3 quarters of a million dollars?

ID 4313

Practical Mathematics K6How many more houses are there straight on than to the left?

ID 4492

Practical Mathematics K6Find W.

ID 4497

Practical Mathematics K6An ostrich runs at an average 40 mph for 12 minutes.

How far is it?

PS: mph means miles per hour.

ID 4644

Practical Mathematics K6How many minutes are left to midnight?

ID 4804

Practical Mathematics K6If Jane drinks a glass of milk during every school lunch, how much milk does she drink in a 180-day school year?

Each glass is 1/5 liters.

ID 4833

Practical Mathematics K6Alex and Bill have been best friends for three years.

They plan to keep the relationship for all their life and live 100 years.

Estimate how many months there are in 100 years?

ID 4838

Practical Mathematics K6If the sum of Evguenia and Olga's ages is 44 now, what will the sum of their ages be in 44 years?

ID 4931

Practical Mathematics K6If a pen costs $1.69 and a pencil costs $0.79, which of the following is the best estimate for the cost of 10 pens and 5 erasers?

ID 5100

Practical Mathematics K6If Gerry has $5 in dimes and Jane has the same amount in quarters, how many coins do they have?

Dime = 10 cents.
Quarter = 25 cents.

ID 5165

Practical Mathematics K6If it rains at midnight in London, what are chances that it will be sunny in 72 hours.

ID 5242

Practical Mathematics K6Martin has 2,000 bills, 2,000 Czech korunas each.

How rich is he if $1 is equal to 20 Czech korunas?

ID 5264

Practical Mathematics K6Gerry has 1 penny, 2 nickels, and 3 dimes.

How many different sums of money can he make, if he uses at least one coin?

Penny = 1 cent.
Nickel = 5 cents.
Dime = 10 cents.
Quarter = 25 cents.

ID 5310

Practical Mathematics K6If I convert all the letters in this sentence to UPPER CASE, in what language will it be written?

ID 5325

Practical Mathematics K6The largest denomination of currency ever printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing was the $100,000 Series 1934 Gold Certificate featuring the portrait of President Wilson. The notes were used only for official transactions between Federal Reserve Banks and were not circulated among the general public.

How many $100 bills are equal to the note?

ID 5384

Practical Mathematics K6According to The New York Times the average New Yorker produces nearly three pounds of garbage every day.
If the average weight of a New Yorker is 165 pounds, how much time does he/she need to produce the garbage that is equals to his/her weight?

ID 5445

Practical Mathematics K6Time is money

If one minute is worth $0.5 (50 cents), how much is one day worth?

ID 5498

Practical Mathematics K6Gasoline costs $1.99 per gallon.

How much will it cost Gerry to fill his car's tank with 11 gallons?

ID 5550

Practical Mathematics K6A "granny’s dozen" is one more than a dozen.

Gerry's granny prepared four of her dozens of delicious biscuits.

How many biscuits did she cook?

ID 5619

Practical Mathematics K6We use only 2 kinds of boxes for eggs.

What is the smallest number of the boxes needed to pack 100 eggs?

ID 5654

Practical Mathematics K6Gruyère is a hard yellow cheese, named after the town of Gruyères in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

The cheese costs $11 for 1/2 kilograms.

How much will 1 and 1/2 kilograms of cheese cost?

ID 5756

Practical Mathematics K6Most worker bees only live for around six weeks. In its lifetime, one bee usually makes one tenth of a teaspoon of honey, which weighs about 7 grams.

How many bees work their entire lifetime to make a 500 gram jar of honey, which Gerry usually eats in two months?

ID 5763

Practical Mathematics K6A car has traveled a distance of 15 km in 15 minutes.

What is the average speed of the car in km per hour?

ID 5842

Practical Mathematics K6The Eiffel Tower is a wrought iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. The tower is 324 metres (1,063 ft) tall, about the same height as an 81-storey building.

Estimate the height of a storey in metres.

ID 5865

Practical Mathematics K6Triathlon involves swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances.

Jane is training for a triathlon.
She swims 4 days a week. Each day she swims about 2 km.
She runs 3 days a week. Each day she runs about 12 km.
She cycles 2 days a week. Each day she rides about 22 km.

About how far does Jane swim / run and cycle in a week?

ID 5907

Practical Mathematics K6People usually have 32 teeth, cats - 30, and dogs - 42.

How many teeth does the family have if the baby still has no teeth?

ID 5911

Practical Mathematics K6Bob used to weigh 100kg.
His new stressful job causes him to lose 2kg every week.

How much does he weigh after 3 months of work?

ID 5916

Practical Mathematics K6What is the difference between 12:55 and 1:05 ?

ID 5929

Practical Mathematics K6If A = $1, B = $2, C = $3, ..., and Z = $26, how much is the cheapest 3-letter word worth?

Consider only words that denote a thing.

ID 5935

Practical Mathematics K6Share $1000 among 17 students and keep the least possible change for you.

How much do you get?

ID 5954

Practical Mathematics K6Each of my four best friends has $100 and I have $200.

How much may I give to each of them, so that everybody has the same amount of money?

"Friends share all things." - Pythagoras

ID 5963

Practical Mathematics K6In a survey of 800 students in a school, 600 students were found to draw with their right hand, and 150 students had no preference: they draw with either their right hand or their left hand.

Find how many students use their left hand when drawing?

ID 5972

Practical Mathematics K6Anna, Betty, and Cindy are playing tennis.
The winner of a set stays on, and the loser waits her turn again.
Anna played 4 sets,
Betty played 6 sets, Cindy played 4 sets.

How many sets did they play?

ID 6000

Practical Mathematics K6There are 6,000 questions at this website.

If it takes exactly 1 minute to solve a problem, how much time does it take to solve all problems visiting each question only once?

ID 6040

Practical Mathematics K6Gerry has fifteen coconuts and Jane has only nine.

How many coconuts should Gerry give to Jane so that she has three times more than he does?

ID 6043

Practical Mathematics K6The total of the ages of Alex, Betty and Craig is 55 years.

What was the total of their ages 12 years ago when they entered their primary school?

The question is typical for PISA Test.

PISA stands for Programme for International Student Assessment.

ID 6062

Practical Mathematics K6A car travels 99 km on 6 liters of gasoline.

How far does it travel on 8 liters of gasoline?

ID 6068

Practical Mathematics K6Gerry drives through the streets from crossroad A to crossroad B. Some of the streets are closed.

What is the minimum distance he needs to drive if the length of the square street blocks is 40 meters?

ID 6148

Practical Mathematics K6Gerry wants to get three different color tokens in each plate.

What is the least number of exchanges of two tokens that is needed?

ID 6149

Practical Mathematics K6The length of the Earth's day is 23 hours 56 minutes.
The length of the Mars day is 24 hours 37 minutes.

How much longer is the Mars day?

ID 6153

Practical Mathematics K6In a class, 1/8 received an A grade, 1/4 received a B grade, 1/2 received a C grade and the rest received a D grade.

How many children received a D grade if there are 24 students in the class?

ID 6156

Practical Mathematics K6How many years old will Anna be 66 months after her 6th birthday?

ID 6159

Practical Mathematics K6Gerry ties several knots on a piece of rope. The knots are 14cm apart from one another.

How far is the sixth knot from the second one?

ID 6177

Practical Mathematics K6In a country, the winter season is the three months: December, January, and February.

How long does the longest winter season last in the country?

ID 6185

Practical Mathematics K6John and Mary have the same amount of money.

How much must John give her so that she has twenty dollars more than he?

ID 6198

Practical Mathematics K6A thumb war tournament had four players. Each player played every other player only once, with no ties. If Anna won 2 games, Bill won 1 game, and Cindy won 2 games, how many games did Daniel win?

ID 6200

Practical Mathematics K6The picture shows a subway map.
Each of the metro lines has its own color.

How many different metro lines are there on the map?

ID 6205

Practical Mathematics K6A collector puts all of his old cars up for sale.
The price of a car is $34,900.

How many cars can you buy with $800,000?

ID 6212

Practical Mathematics K6Jane wants to use her soapbox racer at the park where there is a sharp-edged ramp. Last time she tried it the bottom of the racer struck the corner of the ramp, making a horrible sound; this was extremely uncool. (Notice that the base of the racer always lines up with the axis of the wheels in these designs.)

What should Jane do to restore her cool reputation?

Author: Leslie Green

ID 6232

Practical Mathematics K6A chain with identical links is hung between two points.
We increase the number of links until it breaks due to own weight.

At which point does it most likely break?

ID 6260

Practical Mathematics K6Four teams are in group A of a soccer (football) tournament for young girls.
Each team plays one match against each of the other teams, with three points for a win, one point for a draw and none for a defeat.

What is the smallest possible total score (the sum of scores of all teams) in such a group?

ID 6292

Practical Mathematics K6If it is raining at midnight in an old English town, what are the chances of the sun shining in 100 hours time?

ID 6328

Practical Mathematics K6There are several books on a bookshelf.

If one book is the sixth from the left and sixth from the right, how many books are on the shelf?

ID 6332

Practical Mathematics K6In a certain everyday environment, people say that 2100 plus something and 2200 minus something are the same thing.

What is the "something" if it is not 50?

ID 6374

Practical Mathematics K6In computing, a hash is a fixed length output value computed from an arbitrary length input. As an example, it is unsafe to store plain-text passwords anywhere, so it is usual for a computer to hash the password and store that. Any slight change to the input has a large and unpredictable change on the output.

The SHA-256 hashing function produces a 256 bit result from any input. Given that a hexadecimal (hex) character has values between 0 and 15 (0 to F in hex), how may hex characters are needed to print an SHA-256 hash?

Author: Leslie Green

ID 6411

Practical Mathematics K6Gerry’s parents pay him 10 dollars for an "A", 5 dollars for a "B", and 1 dollar for a "C".
Gerry has 15 marks and got a total of 99 dollars this week.

How many A’s did he get?

ID 6419

Practical Mathematics K6My eight credit cards weigh 100 grams.

How much does a collection of my old 100 credit cards weigh?

ID 6491

Practical Mathematics K6In Russia, spring is March, April and May (92 days); summer is June, July, and August (92 days); autumn is September, October, and November (91 days); winter is December, January, and February.

What is usually the shortest season in the country?

ID 6496

Practical Mathematics K6In Russia, spring is March, April and May (92 days); summer is June, July, and August (92 days); autumn is September, October, and November (91 days); winter is December, January, and February (90 days or 91 days in a leap year).

Which word contains the smallest number of letters?

ID 6527

Practical Mathematics K6The picture shows a target that indicates the scores that arrows can make.

Which of the scores can you get if all your four arrows land on target?

ID 6547

Practical Mathematics K6Seven bus stops are equally spaced along a road. The distance from the fifth to the last is 1200m.

What is the distance from the first to the last?

ID 6578

Practical Mathematics K6A bike is bought at $640 and sold at a profit of $64 after spending $225 on its upgrade.

What is the Selling Price?

ID 6632

Practical Mathematics K6A pack of 500 paper sheets is 6cm thick.

Estimate the height of a pile of 100 sheets.

1cm = 10mm

ID 6644

Practical Mathematics K6A classroom of 32 students contains an equal number of boys and girls.
When two boys rush out to visit a restroom, and several girls run out to chat, that leaves twice as many boys as girls in the classroom.

How many students are there in the classroom now?

ID 6684

Practical Mathematics K6Which number is missing?

ID 6957

Practical Mathematics K6Dates can be represented as DD.MM.YYYY.
For example, January the fifteenth 2018 can be written as 15.01.2018.

What is the smallest possible sum of the digits in the 21st century (2000 - 2099)?

ID 7007

Practical Mathematics K6Gold chains are sold for $15 per inch.

How many inches of chain can you buy for $180?

ID 7012

Practical Mathematics K6Which is correct?

ID 7031

Practical Mathematics K6John has fixed the numbers 1 through 100 on 100 doors of a motel.

How many number signs has he fixed?

ID 7033

Practical Mathematics K6Which is the largest amount of money?

ID 7087

Practical Mathematics K6Ten days ago, there were 10 coins in the first pile, 15 coins in the second pile, and 20 coins in the third pile.

The first pile is increased by 1 coin everyday, the second pile by 2, and the third by 3.

How many coins are there in the piles today?

ID 7122

Practical Mathematics K6The cost to rent the car is $19 for the first three hours plus $6 for each additional hour. Gerry can spend no more than $100.

What is the maximum number of hours for which Gerry can rent the car?

ID 7124

Practical Mathematics K6A pack of 6 eggs costs $2.94

What is the unit price?

ID 7186

Practical Mathematics K6Father gave Gerry five dozens and five nuts.
Gerry gave Jane five tens.

How many nuts does Gerry keep for himself?

ID 7235

Practical Mathematics K6How much time do you need to solve 7,200 problems at the A+Click website if you spend 1 minute to solve a problem?

ID 7257

Practical Mathematics K6The picture shows an old electricity meter, which is a device that measures the amount of electric energy consumed by a residence.

Can you read how many kilowatt-hours my house has consumed?

ID 7286

Practical Mathematics K6A carton of six eggs has a total weight of 440 grams (g).

If the carton itself weighs 50g, how much does an egg weigh, on average?

ID 7319

Practical Mathematics K6John was twice as rich as Mary.
When they married, their common wealth reached 12 million.

How rich was Mary before the marriage?

ID 7345

Practical Mathematics K6The first world record in the 100 metres sprint for women was recognized by the Fédération Sportive Féminine Internationale (FSFI) in 1922. Marie Mejzlíková ran 100 metres in 13.6 seconds.

In 2018, Jane ran it in 14.43 seconds.

How much faster (in seconds) does Jane have to run to tie with the old record?

ID 7365

Practical Mathematics K6How many small circles are there in the emblem of the Cathedral of Lausanne?