ID 388

  K6What is the sum of 200, 300, 150 and 250?

ID 389

  K6What can you add to 7.44 to make 8?

ID 390

  K6What remainder do you get if you divide 90 by 7?

ID 391

  K64200 divided by what number is equal to 70?

ID 392

  K6What is 38 divided by 20?

ID 394

  K6Which set of decimals is in order, from smallest to largest?

ID 395

  K6Which fraction is equivalent to ten-twelfths?

ID 396

  K6Which set of fractions is in order from smallest to largest?

ID 397

  K6Imagine a wall of 24 bricks.
Three of the bricks are painted white.

Which fraction of the wall is white?

ID 429

  K6Which of these expressions gives the smallest value?

ID 442


-99 + 88 – 77 + 66 – 55 + 44 – 33 + 22 – 11 + 0 + 11 x 5

negative or positive?

ID 443

  K6Which gives the largest answer?

ID 446

  K6What is the ratio between the number of green disks to the total number of pieces?

ID 463

  K6If 1 gram of grass seed is needed to plant 1 square meter, how much grass seed will be needed to plant an entire field that is 100 meters long and 64 meters wide?

ID 586

  K6Which gives the largest answer?

ID 782

  K6Which gives the largest answer?

ID 1062

  K6Do not use a calculator.

Which of the following gives the largest result?

ID 1068

  K6Find the sum of the integers from -2009 through +2011, inclusive.

ID 1299

  K6Divide $132 into a ratio 1:2:3.

What is the biggest part?

ID 1341

  K6Which of the following gives the largest value?

ID 1418

  K6What is the difference between the largest and the smallest possible three-digit numbers that you can make, where each number uses all three digits 1, 2 and 3?

ID 1632

  K6Find the sum of all these numbers.

ID 1662

  K6What fraction of the piano keys is white?

ID 1663

  K6Mike bought 57 jellybeans.
Which statement is correct?

ID 1679

  K6John's heart beats at a rate of 80 beats a minute at rest.
The rate doubles during the one hour of exercise he performs per day.

How many (twenty-four hours) days will it take his heart to beat 1,200,000 times?

ID 1818

  K6The product of 12.34 x 43.21 is approximately

ID 1842

  K6Each of four children chose one of the following numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4.
They then multiply the chosen numbers.

What number can be the product of those numbers?

ID 1862

  K6On September 4, 1781, the full name of Los Angeles was

El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Ángeles del Río de Porciúncula.

How many times shorter than the full name is the abbreviated name?

ID 1879

  K6Which number is halfway between 1/4 and 1/8?

ID 1882

  K6John has an iPad with a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.
He believes that his next iPad resolution will be 2048x1536 pixels.

Compare the resolutions.

ID 2050

  K6John was ranked fifth from the top and sixteenth from the bottom after a test.

How many students were there in his class?

ID 2146

  K6Which is true?

ID 2284

  K6What is the smallest 5 digit integer that has five different digits?

ID 2800

  K6Round the sum of 375 and 785 to the nearest 100.

ID 2831

  K6Which number is one half of one quarter of one eighth of 192?

ID 2839

  K6Which number divided by 11 is the same as that number minus 11?

ID 2849

  K6A girl can play 77 notes every minute.

How many notes can she play in 7 minutes?

ID 2851

  K6What is the largest ten-digit number that has two digits the same?

ID 2854

  K6What remainder do you get if you divide 111 by 7?

ID 2856

  K6What is 138 divided by 20?

ID 2858

  K6Which set of decimals is in order, from smallest to largest?

ID 2876

  K6Which of these expressions gives the smallest value?

ID 2891


-99 + 88 – 77 + 66 – 55 + 44 – 33 + 22 – 11 + 0 x 11111

negative or positive?

ID 2893

  K6What is the ratio of the number of disks to the total number of pieces?

ID 2894

  K6What is the ratio of the number of squares to the total number of pieces?

ID 2922

  K6Which gives the largest answer?

ID 2924

  K6What is 0.06 multiplied by 2000?

ID 2925

  K6Jess multiplied a number by itself and got 441.

What was the number?

ID 2926

  K6What is three quarters of $220?

ID 2952

  K6Which of these expressions gives the smallest value?

ID 2953

  K6Choose the most appropriate answer for John's height:

ID 3254

  K6What is the smallest integer that is 3 times the sum of its digits?

ID 3382

  K6Anna bought 28 jellybeans.
Which statement is CORRECT?

ID 3441

  K6Ann has $777 and Bill has $1,111.

How much money does Bill need to give to Ann, so that they would have the same amount of money?

ID 3451

  K6What letter does not appear in this question?

ID 3538

  K6Anna brought 30 candies to share, and Bill brought 12 candies to share. There are 14 children in the class. How many candies does each child receive?

ID 3593

  K6How many six-digit numbers can you make?

ID 3628

  K6On a number line, which of these numbers would be the farthest to the right?

ID 3630

  K6What is the value of $33.3 - $3.33?

ID 3666

  K6Which number cannot be the result of the multiplication of an integer and 3?

ID 3690

  K6The sum of all odd numbers from 0 to 22 is

ID 3840

  K6Twelve monkeys ate 10 bananas each every day for three weeks.

How many bananas were eaten?

ID 3962

  K6How many numbers are there that are evenly divisible by 8 (no remainder)?

ID 4057

  K6Find the minimum value of

1 ? 2 ? 3 ? 4 ? 5 ? 6 ? 7 ? 8 ? 9

where each "?" is either a "+" or a times symbol "x".

ID 4220

  K6If the product of 9 integers is positive, at most how many of the integers can be negative?

ID 4223

  K6(66 x 6 + 6 x 66 + 6 – 6 x 66) / 6 – 6 = ?

ID 4559

  K6A 999-spot parking lot is divided into 3-color sections.

There are 321 spots in the blue section, and 12 more in the yellow section.

How many spots are in the green section?

ID 4806

  K6Express 0.56 as a reduced fraction.

(A reduced fraction is one in which the top and bottom numbers have no common factors.)

ID 4829

  K6What is the product of all whole numbers from -99 to 99?

ID 4848

  K6Which mathematical symbol can be placed in the blank to make the statement correct?

22222222 x 88 _____ 22 x 88888888

ID 4878

  K6Of the following, which is greater than 2/3 ?

ID 5262

  K6Which whole number cannot be written as the sum of consecutive whole numbers?

ID 5294

  K6How many cubes are there?

ID 5419

  K6One kilogram is about 2.2 pounds.

What is the weight in pounds of a 55kg dog?

ID 5421

  K6This is a beautiful tile picture of the Spanish city of Ronda.

It is 21 tiles wide and 13 tiles high.
How many tiles are there?

ID 5655

  K6There has long been disagreement as to whether the Nile or the Amazon is the world's longest river.

If the Nile in Africa is 6853 km long and the Amazon in South America is 6992 km long, how much longer is the Amazon than the Nile?

ID 5724

  K6What is the difference between the largest and smallest of the numbers in the list below?

0.123   0.03   0.0021   0.321   1.021

ID 5769

  K6How many integers between 9 and 100 have no repeated digits?

ID 5851

  K6If parentheses are inserted into the statement, which value cannot be made?

5 + 4 x 3 - 2 = ?

ID 6028

  K6Find the value of 6000 plus 6000 thousandths.

ID 6088

  K6Multiply the numbers.

ID 6127


(6 x 9) + (6 + 9)

ID 6130

  K6Which expression gives the largest result?

ID 6195

  K6What do you get if you subtract sixty-six times six from six hundred?

ID 6220

  K6 1/18 , 2/18 , 3/18, . . . 17/18, 18/18

How many of these fractions can be reduced?

ID 6278

  K6How many times is the digit "5" used in writing the counting numbers less than 555?

ID 6367

  K6Leslie Green asks:

What is the sum of ten tenths, one hundred hundredths, and one thousand thousandths?

ID 6485

  K6What gives the largest number?

ID 6535

  K6Put four operations signs between the numbers in the given order.

What will the result be?

ID 6673

  K6Two positive whole numbers, neither of which contain the digit 0, multiply to 1000.

Find the difference of these two numbers.

ID 6954

  K6How many times do two directly adjacent letters (a pair of letters right next to each other) have to be exchanged in order to change the word FIRE step by step into the word RIFE?

ID 7015

  K6Three of the following numbers add up to 12.

What is the largest of the three numbers?

2 3 5 7 9

ID 7021

  K6Gerry visited a cheese store and bought Swiss cheese for $25 every Wednesday and Saturday in February.

How much money did he spend on cheese in February?

ID 7318

  K6Divide 77 into two parts such that one part exceeds the other by 7.

What is the largest number?