ID 393

Word Problems K6Dan has 75 eggs to pack into boxes.
Each box can hold 6 eggs.

How many boxes will Dan need?

ID 402

Word Problems K6A student has 2 shirts (black and white), 2 pants (black and white), and 2 hats (black and white) to choose from.

How many different outfits can be assembled?

ID 404

Word Problems K6What is the number we started with?

ID 410

Word Problems K6There are 20 students in a class. 12 students have red stars and 8 students have green crosses; 6 students have nothing.

How many students have both?

ID 417

Word Problems K6Tom writes a total of forty words on five blank cards.
He writes nine words on each of the first four cards.

How many words does Tom write on the last card?

ID 427

Word Problems K6John read a 308-page book in 2 weeks. He read every day including weekends.

How quickly does John read?

ID 435

Word Problems K6Steve has three jackets, three pairs of socks and three shirts ready to wear on a particular day.

How many different outfits can Steve choose?

ID 437

Word Problems K6Jim is training for a race. He uses this map to find possible routes. The route must start at Jim's house (home) and end at the park. He wants to run between 4.8 and 5 kilometers.

Find the best route.

ID 454

Word Problems K6The diagram shows some of the results of a six-person contest.
An arrow pointing from one player to another means that the first player defeated the second player in their match. There are no draws.

How many matches are left to play?

ID 460

Word Problems K6What rule is used for the In-Out machine?

Remember, there may be more than one correct answer.

ID 468

Word Problems K6David built a display stack using 8 layers of cans.

How many cans did he need to build the eight layer pyramid?

ID 474

Word Problems K6A leap year (or intercalary year) is a year containing one extra day.
The leap years are evenly divisible by 4.

How many leap years were in the 20th century (1901 - 2000)?

ID 476

Word Problems K6Brad has as many brothers as sisters.

How many more brothers than sisters does his sister Sue have?

ID 477

Word Problems K6The Chinese Calendar is based on a twelve-year cycle.
Each year in the cycle corresponds to an animal:
Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep (or Goat), Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat and Ox.
The order of the animals never changes.
The year 2010 in the Chinese calendar is the Year of the Tiger.

Which animal will mark the year 2110?

ID 481

Word Problems K6Which number divided by 2001 is the same as that number multiplied by 2001?

ID 484

Word Problems K6What is the smallest integer that can be written entirely with zeros and ones and is evenly divisible by 15?

ID 1065

Word Problems K6What is the maximum possible sum of digits on a digital clock between the midnight and noon?

ID 1097

Word Problems K6If I put the numbers 1 to 6 on the faces of each of 4 dice such that the sum of two numbers on the opposite sides is always 7, which of the following dice is NOT correct?

ID 1119

Word Problems K6I multiply three positive integers that are greater than 1 and get 333.

Find one of the numbers.

ID 1295

Word Problems K6X is a whole number.

X + 6 is greater than 33

X – 6 is less than 22

Find all the numbers that X could be.

ID 1313

Word Problems K6With the cash in her pocket, Mrs. Smith can either exactly afford ice cream cones for all her family including the baby and animals OR one huge cigar for her beloved husband John. The cigar would cost $14.

Find the price of an ice cream cone.

NOTE: Smoking is harmful to your health.

ID 1390

Word Problems K6Eugenia's age today is 6 times her age 10 years ago.

What is her age today?

ID 1391

Word Problems K6If 3 of every 150 astronauts are NOT married, then what percentage of all astronauts are married?

ID 1431

Word Problems K6Multiply the largest three-digit number by the smallest three-digit number and add 100.

What is the result?

ID 1485

Word Problems K6I want to separate all the golden rings.

What is the smallest number of golden rings that need to be cut?

ID 1493

Word Problems K6Each box is labeled incorrectly.

I want that the boxes are labeled correctly.

I can open only one box.

Which box should I choose?

ID 1630

Word Problems K6There are 5 coins in the first pile, 8 in the second, 11 in the third, and 16 in the fourth.

What is the least number of coins that I have to move to make these four piles have the same number of coins?

ID 1667

Word Problems K6How many different sets of two positive integers add up to the number 33?

ID 1681

Word Problems K6How many steps are required to break the Swiss chocolate bar into 1 x 1 pieces?

You cannot break two or more pieces at once.

ID 1685

Word Problems K6Tricky Equation Puzzle: the equation below is wrong:

102 - 99 = 1

Which numeral has to be moved to make the equation correct?

ID 1724

Word Problems K6A cube consists of small black and white cubes.
A black face always touches a white face.

Find the number of pairs of faces that touch each other.

ID 1796

Word Problems K6Roman numerals are the number system of Ancient Rome based on letters of the alphabet and where the position of the letters in the sequence affects their value.

For example, XCVII is 97 (100 – 10 + 7).

What is the value of CCCXLV?

ID 1817

Word Problems K6In how many ways can you choose 4 consecutive numbers from the first 8 positive integers?

ID 1822

Word Problems K6The weight limit for an elevator is 800kg.

Which statement is absolutely correct?

ID 1864

Word Problems K6Which shape must be placed in the empty space?

ID 1921

Word Problems K6Find the average of the largest six numbers in the table.

ID 2011

Word Problems K6In a family photo, I see 1 grandmother, 1 grandfather, 2 fathers, 2 mothers, 2 daughters, and 2 grandchildren.

What is the smallest number of people possible that are in the family photo?

ID 2012

Word Problems K6Pascal's triangle.

What is the missing number?

ID 2285

Word Problems K6A glass holds 180 ml of juice when it is one quarter empty.

How much does it hold when it is one quarter full?

ID 2287

Word Problems K6Anna has ten times as many coins as Bill. When Anna gives Bill 9 coins, they each have the same number.

How many coins do they have together?

ID 2775

Word Problems K6On a trip, there are 12 children and 2 adults per boat.

If a total of 98 people went on this boat trip, how many were children?

ID 2777

Word Problems K6On a trip, there are 9 children and 2 adults per boat.

If a total of 99 people went on this boat trip, how many were children?

ID 2804

Word Problems K6Jim Smith drinks a magic potion that reduces his weight by half.

He was 123kg before, so how heavy is he now?

ID 2811

Word Problems K6John works from nine o'clock in the morning until half past six in the evening.

How many hours is that?

ID 2825

Word Problems K6For which letter did I use the smallest amount of paint?

ID 2835

Word Problems K6Roman numerals are a numeral system of Ancient Rome based on letters of the alphabet.

For example, CVII is 107 (100 + 7).

What is the value of CLVIII?

ID 2837

Word Problems K6Roman numerals are a numeral system of Ancient Rome based on letters of the alphabet.

For example, CVII is 107 (100 + 7).

What is the value of CLIX?

ID 2841

Word Problems K6How many 2-digit numbers do not contain a zero?

ID 2842

Word Problems K6Anna reads an average of three books per month.
She takes a break and does not read any books in August.

What is the average number of books that Anna reads in one year?

ID 2844

Word Problems K6A fifth grade class sold 111 tickets for its class concert. Each ticket cost $6. The class donated half of the money to charity.

How much did the class donate to charity?

ID 2848

Word Problems K6Bob is exactly 499 months old.

How old is he?

ID 2880

Word Problems K6John has three pants, three pairs of socks, three hats, and three shirts ready to wear on a particular day.

How many different outfits can John choose?

ID 2884

Word Problems K6Jim is training for a race. He uses this map to find possible routes. He choose 4 routes.

Find the shortest route.

ID 2923

Word Problems K6For a school show, 880 chairs are arranged equally in 44 rows.

How many chairs are in each row?

ID 2927

Word Problems K6A box holds 22 apples.

How many apples are there in 21 boxes?

ID 2932

Word Problems K6The area of the first page of a book is 600 square centimeters.

What is the area of all pages of the 50-page book on one side?

ID 2963

Word Problems K6Anna wants to earn exactly 44 points.
The ducks give different points.

How many ducks will she take?

ID 2975

Word Problems K6Evguenia is 9 years old.

What is the largest number of birthdays she can celebrate in 2,222 consecutive days?

ID 3218

Word Problems K6The pages of a book are consecutively numbered from 1 through 999.

How many digits are there in this numbering?

ID 3263

Word Problems K6Each child in a family has at least 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

What is the smallest number of children their parents might have?

ID 3491

Word Problems K6What is the letter, which goes before O?

ID 3506

Word Problems K6If I delete a letter in a word, then only one is left.

Find the word.

ID 3594

Word Problems K6The five pieces of chain shown must be joined into a long chain.

How many rings should be opened and closed?

Inspired by Boris Kordemsky

ID 3637

Word Problems K6My dad's sister's son's father is

ID 3640

Word Problems K6Benny Bunny starts jumping from a hole.
It takes six seconds for every 10 jumps. How much time does it take him to do 45 jumps?

ID 3654

Word Problems K6Each of the 20 Knights of the Round Table clinked his mug with the Knights on his left and right.

How many times did mugs clink?

ID 3709

Word Problems K6Which one of the four designs is least like the other three?

ID 4541

Word Problems K6Gerry's circular garden is 1200 m in diameter and has no fence.

How far can a wolf run into the garden?

ID 4605

Word Problems K6After a 2-month tennis course, three friends recorded their weight loss.

Anna - 600 g
Bob - 1kg 300 g
Cindy - 0.8kg

How much weight have they lost between them?

ID 4679

Word Problems K6How long is a rope that is 8 meters shorter than another rope that is 5 times the length of the first rope?

ID 4680

Word Problems K6Gerry and Jane spent a week on an island and they ate only coconuts.
Gerry had already eaten half of the coconuts when Jane ate half of the remaining coconuts plus three more.
There are no coconuts left.

Who ate more coconuts?

ID 4688

Word Problems K6Seven kids play some games of Chess.

If each of them plays just one game with each of the others, what is the total number of games played?

ID 4762

Word Problems K6This year, in what month does the 111th day occur?

ID 4919

Word Problems K6Ten apples are distributed among Anna, Bill, Cindy, and Dan such that everybody gets at least two, and each girl gets one apple more than Dan.

How many apples do the girls get in total?

ID 4948

Word Problems K6What is the difference between a dollar and twenty five-cents?

1 dollar = 100 cents

ID 4963

Word Problems K6Fifteen students took part in a math competition.
The number of children who finished behind Jane was six times as large as the number of children who were more successful than her.

In which place did Jane finish?

ID 5067

Word Problems K6A puppy sleeps a total of 100 hours per week of 7 days.

He usually sleeps 1 hour more on Saturday and Sunday than any other day of the week.

On average, how much does he sleep on Monday?

ID 5191

Word Problems K6Anna, Bill, and Cooper are friends.

If the following statements are all true, which of them is the youngest?

Anna is the oldest.

Bill is not the oldest.

Cooper is not the youngest.

ID 5248

Word Problems K6If Jane has eight dimes, and Gerry has the same amount in nickels, how many coins does Gerry have?

Penny = 1 cent.
Nickel = 5 cents.
Dime = 10 cents.
Quarter = 25 cents.

ID 5268

Word Problems K6Gerry bought Benny Bunny for $9, sold it for $10, bought it back for $11, then sold it for $12.

How much profit did he make?

ID 5383

Word Problems K6Joe, Jim, and John bought a large chocolate bar.
Joe cut it into 6 equal pieces and shared it with the others.
Joe had as many pieces as the other two boys combined. Jim had more than John.

How many pieces did Jim get?

(1) An unequal sharing does not make strong friendships.
(2) Overeating is harmful for your health.

ID 5497

Word Problems K6Each boy receives 2 presents and each girl receives twice as many as a boy.

How many presents do they receive in total?

ID 5512

Word Problems K6On every even-numbered day, John eats 2 pears. He eats 3 apples on every odd-numbered day.

How many pieces of fruits does he eat in the month of April?

ID 5546

Word Problems K6On an island, kids always tell the truth and the adults always lie.

Which of them could make the following statement?

"I always tell the truth."

ID 5658

Word Problems K6If Y = 3 and M = 2, what might MY be?

ID 5726

Word Problems K6Five friends ate at a restaurant and agreed to share the bill equally. Because Jane forgot her money, each of her friends paid an extra amount to cover her portion of the total bill of $80.

How much extra does each friend pay?

The photograph courtesy of Roland Sauter

ID 5780

Word Problems K6Jane has been taking pictures of birds sitting on a fence. This is a picture taken at 2:00 PM. At 2:04 PM, three birds flew away, but 2 of them flew back 3 minutes later.
At 2:10 PM, a hunter tried to shoot one of them, but he missed his shot.

How many birds were on the fence at the end of the story?

ID 5819

Word Problems K6I am exactly in the middle between the two products of (9 and 2) and (8 and 5).

Who am I?

ID 5863

Word Problems K6Choose a word that ends, includes and starts with letters E, N, D correspondingly.

ID 5918

Word Problems K6How many 200-milliliter glasses of juice are needed to completely fill a one-liter bottle?

There are 1000 milliliters in 1 liter.

ID 5927

Word Problems K6I have a 5-litre bucket and two 3-litre buckets, all of which are half filled with water.

How much water is there in the buckets?

ID 5941

Word Problems K6Johnny is a very poor communicator and a very fussy eater. If given a plate with any foodstuff that he doesn't like, he rejects the whole plate and sulks.
He rejects 'spam, pizza & chips'.
He accepts 'sausage, mash & spam'.
He accepts 'pie, spam, & beans'.
He accepts 'egg, chips, & spam'.
He rejects 'spam, beans, & pizza'.

Which food item is he actually rejecting?

Author: Leslie Green

ID 5948

Word Problems K6I notch up 78987 kilometers on my odometer.

After how many more kilometers will all five digits of the odometer be the same for the first time?

ID 5999

Word Problems K6Which word has the largest sum of its letters' numbers?

ID 6170

Word Problems K6A rich man gave each of his 3 sons 3 books, each of his 4 daughters 4 books, each of his 5 grandsons 5 books, and each of his 6 granddaughters 6 books.

How many books did the man give his children / grandchildren?

ID 6227

Word Problems K6Logic Riddle

In a family, each child has at least two brothers, three sisters, a father, a mother, three uncles and two aunts.

The picture shows only a part of the family.

What is the smallest possible number of people mentioned above?

ID 6279

Word Problems K6Jane buys two pieces of pizza that cost four dollars and sixty-four cents each, and pays with two five-dollar bills.

How many cents change should she receive?

ID 6288

Word Problems K6How many eggs can the hens put in an empty basket?

ID 6313

Word Problems K6If seven pencils cost one dollar and 19 cents in all and each pencil costs the same amount, how many cents would four pencils cost?

ID 6329

Word Problems K6In a spy code, the digits 2 8 9 means 10.

What does 1 9 8 mean?

ID 6333

Word Problems K6If Mrs. Smith has two twins, three triplets and four quadruplets; how many children does she have?

ID 6382

Word Problems K6The letter "o" is used ______ times in this sentence.

ID 6562

Word Problems K6How many letters are there in the word which becomes shorter after adding two letters at the end?

ID 7335

Word Problems K6Gerry has $7, Jane $20, and Kate as much as Gerry and Jane together.

If they put their money together and share it equally among them, how much does each kid get?