ID 494

Practical Mathematics K7How many quarters are there in 3 and a half dollars?

ID 498

Practical Mathematics K7Tom drove his car 200 kilometers in 4 hours.
He continued to drive at double this speed.

How many hours will it take him to drive another 150 kilometers?

ID 507

Practical Mathematics K7John paid $60 for 8 CDs.
All CDs cost the same price, but 2 of them were on sale for 25% off.

How much did each CD cost?

ID 521

Practical Mathematics K7John is making a rectangular flower box. He is using wood that is 10 centimeters wide to make the flower box.

Which design gives the largest area for the flowers?

ID 527

Practical Mathematics K7To complete one set of pipe installations, Bob the plumber needs the following components:
4 long pipes,
8 short pipes, and
14 fittings.

He has 66 long pipes, 55 short pipes, and 444 fittings in stock.

How many sets can Bob install?

ID 528

Practical Mathematics K7 The university's budget was cut from $2.2 million to $2,000 thousand.

What was the percent change?

ID 534

Practical Mathematics K7Tim placed an order for a book.
If the order is below $40, then the minimum shipping and handling charge of $6 will apply.
If the order is higher, then the charge is 15% of the order price.
Tim's order price is $44.00.

What is the total cost of the order including shipping and handling?

ID 535

Practical Mathematics K7Our school will have to pay $24 for 15 dozen pencils.

How much will the school have to pay for 50 dozen pencils?

ID 567

Practical Mathematics K7The total price of an apple and a tangerine is 39 cents.
The total price of 2 apples and 3 tangerines is 99 cents.

What is the price of one apple?

ID 568

Practical Mathematics K7A hockey team lost every fifth game and won 6 more than it lost.
There are no draws.

How many games did the team win?

ID 570

Practical Mathematics K7If eight people can stand on a square meter of carpet, how many of them can stand in an elevator (lift) cab that is 2.1 meters by 1.2 meters and 2.2 meters high?

ID 572

Practical Mathematics K7The left clock runs slower at a rate of 6 minutes per hour.
The second clock runs faster at a rate of 6 minutes per hour.

Both clocks start at the same time.

When will they be one hour apart?

ID 574

Practical Mathematics K7There are 12 men on a basketball team, and in a game 5 of them play at any one time.

If the game is 48 minutes long and if each man plays exactly the same amount of time, how many minutes does each man play?

ID 575

Practical Mathematics K7Anna earned $72.
She gives her mother 1/3 of this amount and spends 1/4 of the money on going out.

What fraction of the $72 is left?

ID 582

Practical Mathematics K7John started a business in which he earned $1 on the first day, $5 on the second day, $9 on the third day, $13 on the fourth day, and so on.

What is his earning in day 1000?

ID 1024

Practical Mathematics K7If you would like to give a tip of 15% and you have no change, without using a calculator, how much money should you give the waiter if the check is $115?

ID 1300

Practical Mathematics K7What time is 43210 seconds before midnight?

ID 1333

Practical Mathematics K7The picture shows a supermarket bill with 22 items.

What is maximum mistake I can make, in general, if I only count integer values of the prices for any of 22 items?

ID 1525

Practical Mathematics K7I want to build a fence around a garden.
The perimeter of the garden is 12 meters.
The fence posts must be placed at every 1 meter of fence.

How many posts do I need to order?

ID 1696

Practical Mathematics K7How many different nonzero weights can you measure with a balance and three weights of 1kg, 3kg and 7kg?

ID 1705

Practical Mathematics K7The picture shows the diagram of a living room floor with four doors.
The 0.5-meter wide walls are shaded in the diagram.

What is the area of the walls?

NOTE: Do not count the doors.

ID 1740

Practical Mathematics K7A stadium security system consists of two stages.
In the first stage, 60% of the spectators are inspected.
In the second stage, 80% of the people undergo an inspection.

Estimate the maximum possible percentage of spectators who do not undergo any inspection.

ID 1751

Practical Mathematics K7The picture shows four supermarket lines viewed from above.
The numbers are estimations of the items in the shoppers' baskets.

If waiting time depends only on the number of items in the baskets, which line do you choose to be the shortest?

ID 1870

Practical Mathematics K7The picture shows the floor plan of a house.

Which room has the largest area?

ID 1916

Practical Mathematics K7In 2010, the population of the Italian capital Rome was 2,761,477 and the population of the Vatican City was 846.

What is the best estimate for the Vatican citizens in the aggregate population?

ID 2046

Practical Mathematics K7A watch loses 3.5 seconds and another watch gains 2.5 seconds every 24 hours.

When will they show a difference of 10 minutes?

ID 2302

Practical Mathematics K7A hammer and a nail cost $21.

If the hammer cost $20 more than the nail, how many times is the hammer more expensive than the nail?

ID 2864

Practical Mathematics K7The number of hours left today is a third of the number of hours already passed.

What time is it?

ID 2871

Practical Mathematics K7We want to buy 120 kilograms of potatoes.

Which is the better purchase?

ID 2877

Practical Mathematics K7There are 1.58 US dollars to the UK pound.

How many dollars would you receive if you exchanged 40 pounds?

ID 2879

Practical Mathematics K7The original price of an umbrella was $20.

What was the price of the umbrella after two 40% markdowns?

ID 2885

Practical Mathematics K7Ann went to a movie. The movie started at 11:55 A.M. and lasted 127 minutes.

What time did the movie end?

ID 2886

Practical Mathematics K7At 11:20 A.M. Alex started painting a fence.
By noon, he had painted this much of the fence:

If he continues at this rate, at what time should he finish painting this fence?

ID 2890

Practical Mathematics K7Find a set with the best value (weight) for money.

ID 2897

Practical Mathematics K7I paid a total of $121 for a toy train, including 10% tax.

How much does the toy train cost without the tax?

ID 2908

Practical Mathematics K7A dozen balloons cost 60 cents.

How many balloons cost 1 dollar?

ID 2909

Practical Mathematics K7A dozen balloons cost 30 cents.

How many balloons cost 1 dollar?

ID 2916

Practical Mathematics K7A farmer normally sells sheep for $200 each. This winter, the farmer is offering one free sheep for each purchase of three.
Three people want to buy 11 sheep each.

How many dollars will they save in total if they purchase the sheep together, rather than separately?

ID 2917

Practical Mathematics K7Three boys put $7, $8, and $9 in a piggy bank.

How can they split the money in a ratio of 1:2:3?

ID 2950

Practical Mathematics K7To complete one set of pipe installations, Bob the plumber needs the following components:
4 long pipes,
8 short pipes, and
12 fittings.

He has 66 long pipes, 46 short pipes, and 444 fittings in stock.

How many sets can Bob install?

ID 2980

Practical Mathematics K7If six people can stand on a square meter of carpet, how many of them can stand in an elevator cab that is 2 meters by 1 meters and 2.5 meters high?

ID 2995

Practical Mathematics K7The cost of a party is $66 plus $6 per person, so what would be the cost of a party for 66?

ID 3014

Practical Mathematics K7The drama club is selling tickets to a play for $9 per ticket.
The cost to rent the theater and costumes is $500.
In addition, the printers are charging $1 per ticket to print the tickets.

How many tickets must the drama club sell to make a profit?

ID 3052

Practical Mathematics K7Apples are sold in bags of four that cost $5 per bag, or bags of six that cost $7 per bag.

What is the smallest cost at which you can buy 74 apples?

ID 3252

Practical Mathematics K7A class picnic is estimated to cost $232.
The boys agreed to contribute $1 more than the girls.
If there are 12 boys and 8 girls in the class, how much money should each boy contribute?

ID 3372

Practical Mathematics K7A team played 80 games and won 40 percent of them.
It drew 12 games.

How many games did it lose?

ID 3405

Practical Mathematics K7The distance between two buoys changes from 6 to 10 meters.

What is the distance between their anchors?

ID 3452

Practical Mathematics K7I have ten bills consisting of $5 and $10 bills.
The total amount of money is $70.

How many $5 bills do I have?

ID 3456

Practical Mathematics K7The boxing ring is 18 ft in length on each side between the ropes.

How much rope do we need for the ring?

ID 3488

Practical Mathematics K7Four hundred dried cocoa beans weigh 1 pound.

What is the weight of a bag with 60,000 beans?

ID 3665

Practical Mathematics K7A piece of soap is 50x40x100 mm.
A layer of 0.125 mm disappears every time I wash my hands.

How many times can I wash my hands with the piece of soap?

ID 3736

Practical Mathematics K7I place 14 chairs along the walls in an empty rectangular room.
The number of chairs along each wall is the same.

Find the number.

ID 3864

Practical Mathematics K7Which of these choices is the size of a picture with the same perimeter as a picture whose size is 9 x 16?

ID 3984

Practical Mathematics K7The button "8" on my calculator is broken.
I replace the button by multiplication operations.

What is the minimum possible number of multiplications to calculate

816 x 1886?

ID 3997

Practical Mathematics K7How many stars with a side length of 4 cm can I cut and bend from a wire that is 1,000 cm long?

ID 4020

Practical Mathematics K7Metro Card prices: a single ride is $2.5 and a 7 day Metro Card costs $29.

How much will you save weekly by using the 7-day Metro Card if you use the Metro 4 times every day except Saturday and Sunday?

ID 4133

Practical Mathematics K7John is the proud owner of a race car.
In a month he uses 2 gallons, 3 gallons, 4 gallons, and 7 gallons of gasoline.
He drives 70 miles, 90 miles, 110 miles, and 130 miles.

What is the fuel economy of the car?

ID 4140

Practical Mathematics K7There are 14,600,000 tiles on the roofs of the old Swiss town of Murten.

How long would it take for a craftsman to tile the town roofs if he normally sets 200 tiles every day?

Assume that he works every weekend and during holidays.

ID 4154

Practical Mathematics K7An automobile salesperson earns a 5% commission on all sales.

How much will the salesperson have to sell in order to receive a monthly income of $20,000?

ID 4185

Practical Mathematics K7The thickness of a dollar bill is close to 0.0001 m and the height of a basketball player is 2 m.

How much money is needed to make a pile of dollar bills of the same height as the basketball player?

ID 4195

Practical Mathematics K7A couple has 81 coins to share between them.

How many coins will the man get if his wife always gets twice as many as he receives?

ID 4462

Practical Mathematics K7I require a passcode that uses 4 different numbers.
I chose the shortest possible path for my finger move.

Find the sum of the numbers.

ID 4463

Practical Mathematics K7I require a passcode that uses 4 different numbers.
I chose the largest possible path for my finger move.

Find the sum of the numbers.

ID 4580

Practical Mathematics K7If Jane walks to school in the morning and then rides the school bus back, it takes her an hour.

If she rides the bus both ways, it takes her 20 minutes.

How much time does it take for her to walk both ways?

ID 4603

Practical Mathematics K7Gerry bought ice cream cones for Jane, her friend Anna and for himself for $2.48 per cone.

If he gave the cashier a $10 bill, how much change will he get back?

ID 4606

Practical Mathematics K7After a 2-month tennis course, three friends recorded their weight loss.

Anna - 600 g
Bob - 1kg 300 g
Cindy - 0.8kg

Who lost more weight?

ID 4618

Practical Mathematics K7Anna's recipe needs 3/4 cup of sugar and 7/4 cup of wheat.

How many cups in all does Anna need for the recipe if she wants to make the cake twice as big as the recipe recommends?

ID 4761

Practical Mathematics K7Gerry and Jane were supposed to meet at 11:50.
If Gerry arrived 12 minutes before the time and waited only half an hour for Jane, when did she arrive?

ID 4782

Practical Mathematics K7If today is Monday, what day of the week was 100 days ago?

ID 4803

Practical Mathematics K7It costs $19 a week to feed Benny.

How much money would it cost to feed him for one year?

ID 4949

Practical Mathematics K7What is greater?

A quarter is a U.S. coin worth 25 cents.

ID 4954

Practical Mathematics K7In which team does a person get the greater amount of the healthy food if they share it evenly?

ID 5186

Practical Mathematics K7There is an equal amount of money in pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

What is the least amount of money in the cash register?

Penny = 1 cent.
Nickel = 5 cents.
Dime = 10 cents.
Quarter = 25 cents.

ID 5189

Practical Mathematics K7If today is a Sunday, then what day will it be one year later?

1 year = 365 days except a leap year, which includes 1 day more.

ID 5247

Practical Mathematics K7Gerry exchanged $82 for an equal number of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

How many dimes did Gerry receive?

Penny = 1 cent.
Nickel = 5 cents.
Dime = 10 cents.
Quarter = 25 cents.

ID 5269

Practical Mathematics K7Gerry bought Benny Bunny for $9, sold it for $8, bought it back for $7, then sold it for $6.

How much profit did he make?

ID 5282

Practical Mathematics K7A train departs from Lausanne to Zurich with 10 seconds delay and another one from Zurich to Lausanne with 20 seconds delay.

What train will be closer to Lausanne when they meet?

ID 5296

Practical Mathematics K7Passengers have a maximum allowable weight for their luggage.
They are then charged $4 for every kilogram overweight.
Gerry carrying 44 kg of luggage pays $80.

If Jane pays $100 how heavy is her luggage?

ID 5300

Practical Mathematics K7A piece of metal wire measures 2/3 m.
Without the use of any other measuring tools, fold the wire to get 0.5 m.

How many times do you fold the wire?

ID 5311

Practical Mathematics K7In order to test the Archimedes Principle, Sasha put a Lead weight inside a football and makes it air-tight with glue. The football now weighs 500g.
Sasha fills an outdoor water butt to the brim with water, but can't do the experiment that day because he has forgotten his gloves and the air temperature is 20°F.
After a few days the temperature has not risen, but he finds his gloves and does the experiment.

How much water is displaced by the football?

If you measure the temperature in Celsius, there is a formula:

The temperature T in degrees Celsius (°C) is equal to the temperature T in degrees Fahrenheit (°F) minus 32, times 5/9.

Author : Leslie Green

ID 5326

Practical Mathematics K7When it is 11am in Geneva (Switzerland) it is 5am in New York (USA). The flying time from Geneva to New York is 9 hours.

If the plane to New York takes off from Geneva at 9:35am, what time is it in New York when the plane lands?

(There are no stops or disruptions, just a normal flight.)

Author: Leslie Green

ID 5350

Practical Mathematics K7 The boy dreams of being an astronaut.

How long does he need to study and work until his dream can become reality?

The photograph courtesy of Roland Sauter

ID 5366

Practical Mathematics K7Estimate the cost of a carpet 15 yards long and 12 yards wide with the square-yard price of $0.25.

ID 5388

Practical Mathematics K7Estimate the number of strawberries in the box if we see only a third of them.

ID 5396

Practical Mathematics K76 boys and 12 girls attend prom at the Cool High School.

If each of the boys dances once with each of the girls and the boys were always occupied, how many extra dances does a boy get compared to a girl?

ID 5444

Practical Mathematics K7Time is money

If one minute is worth $24,000 for Bill Gates, how many dimes is one hour worth for him?

A dime is worth ten cents.

ID 5447

Practical Mathematics K7Forty cows drink forty-two hundred gallons of water each week.

How many gallons of water does each cow drink every day?

The photograph courtesy of Roland Sauter

ID 5537

Practical Mathematics K7You are making a bank deposit of $780.
You have an equal number of $50s, $10s and $5s to deposit.

How many of each bill do you have?

ID 5605

Practical Mathematics K7How many kilometers are you traveling per half hour at this speed?

ID 5653

Practical Mathematics K7Benny Bunny has three carrots of lengths 6cm, 11cm and 15cm.

He uses these carrots to mark off different lengths.

What length cannot be marked if a carrot can only used once for each mark?

ID 5692

Practical Mathematics K7Mrs. Greedy refuses to use electricity and bought 28 candles for the next month.
She burns one candle every evening and always makes one new one from the remaining wax of seven burnt candles.

For how many days will she be able to use the candles?

ID 5714

Practical Mathematics K7When traveling with RiskyAir, passengers have a maximum allowable weight for their luggage.
They are then charged $5 for every kilogram overweight.

If Mary carrying 30 kg of luggage is charged $25, how much would her boy-friend John be charged for carrying twice the weight of luggage?

ID 5715

Practical Mathematics K7My bathroom scale is wrong.
The error is proportional to the measuring weight.
The heavier the person, the greater the error.

My real weight is 75 kg and the scale shows 82 kg.

What is my sister's weight if the scale shows 41?

ID 5794

Practical Mathematics K7A wall is being built with bricks of 10 cm height. The joints between the bricks are filled with a mortar (cement) layer that is 1 cm thick. Bricks are placed so that each joint is at the midpoint of a brick in the row below. In every other row 2 half bricks are placed at the ends. The two half bricks are made from a single brick. Imagine that the wall is 2 bricks wide.

How many bricks are needed to build such a wall that is 220 cm high?

ID 5930

Practical Mathematics K7Gerry has 30 meters of fence.
The length of the garden is three times its width.

How long is the garden?

ID 5998

Practical Mathematics K7The graph shows the total amount of money Anna has saved over five weeks.

If Anna continues to save the same amount of money each week, what will her total savings be in a year?

ID 6024

Practical Mathematics K7Four blocks make an up-and-down staircase with 2 steps up and 2 steps down.
How many blocks would be needed to build an up-and-down staircase with 12 steps up and 12 steps down?

ID 6038

Practical Mathematics K7A man and his equipment weigh 216 pounds on Earth.
If he takes the same set of scales to the moon and weighs himself there, the scales would read 36 pounds.

If his colleague weighs 210 pounds, what would be his weight on the moon?

ID 6101

Practical Mathematics K7Jane has to take a pill every 45 minutes.
She took the first pill at 11:30 am.

At what time does she take the fifth pill?

ID 6206

Practical Mathematics K7There are more than 20 students and less than 30 students in a class.

The ratio of boys to girls in the class is 6 : 7

If two boys join the class, what is the new ratio?

ID 6269

Practical Mathematics K7A thumb war tournament had eleven players. Each player played every other player only once, with no ties.

If five players won all their games and five players lost all their games, how many games did the eleventh player win?

ID 6302

Practical Mathematics K7A digital clock in a park of the Olympic capital Lausanne, Switzerland shows that there are 1203 days, 23 hours, 43 minutes, and 55 seconds left until the next Olympic Game in Tokyo.

Estimate how many years / months that is.

ID 6497

Practical Mathematics K7The picture is made in Basel, Switzerland, the city that is famous for numerous masterpieces of Modern Art.

Estimate the number of plates in the picture.

ID 6628

Practical Mathematics K7How many more cubes would be needed to make the pyramid 9 steps high?

ID 6745

Practical Mathematics K7Find the elapsed time from 9:10 a.m. to 10:09 p.m.

ID 6756

Practical Mathematics K7Mr. and Mrs. Smith borrow $54,000 to buy a new car for their son Gerry.
The loan is to be paid off in three years without interest.

How much is each monthly payment?

ID 6806

Practical Mathematics K7What is the time 21 hours and 10 minutes after 21:10?

ID 6807

Practical Mathematics K7Nine ports are connected by maritime routes.

What is the least number of routes that can be closed to make it impossible to get from island A to island B?

ID 6929

Practical Mathematics K7The erosion rate of a famous English cliff is as high as 30cm a year.

If the rate does not accelerate and stays stable, how long does it take to lose the width of a house - 10 meters?

1 meter = 100cm

ID 6932

Practical Mathematics K7At a subway station, trains arrive from the city center every 11 minutes and at the same interval in the opposite direction.
Trains have just arrived on the platforms for both directions.

How many more trains are expected to arrive in the next hour from now?

ID 7001

Practical Mathematics K7A counting-out game

People are standing in a circle.
Counting begins at a person in the circle and proceeds around clockwise. The player who is selected at the conclusion of the rhyme is out.
The count starts with the next person.

Four children stand in a circle in the following order: Alex, Betty, Craig, and Diana.

If the count-out game starts from Alex, who will win the game?

They use the common American rhyme:

Rich Man, Poor Man,
Beggar Man, Thief,
Doctor, Lawyer,
Indian Chief.

ID 7011

Practical Mathematics K7Jane and Gerry start at the same point in a garden.
Jane walks due West and Gerry walks due East for 10 steps.

They turn left and walk 10 more steps.

Who is closer to the North Pole?

ID 7129

Practical Mathematics K7A bouquet of 9 garden roses costs $27.

How many roses can Gerry buy for Jane with the $1,000 bill in his pocket?

Roses can only be bought in sets of 9 at $27 per set.

ID 7162

Practical Mathematics K7Martin has $9,800 in $50 bills.

How many $50 bills does he have?

ID 7168

Practical Mathematics K7Gerry made 6 snow balls of size 1.2m, 0.7m, 0.7m, 0.7m, 0.4m, and 0.3m and built two snowmen by stacking three balls.

How tall is the tallest snowman?

ID 7287

Practical Mathematics K7When a third of the students in Mrs. Rose Bush’s class joined the Green Garden Club, there were 16 students who did not join.

How many students are there in the class?

ID 7402

Practical Mathematics K7At the shop, the cash register (till) says that the total for the shopping comes to $9.20
The old man hands the assistant a $20 note and a 20 cent coin.

What is the correct response from the shop assistant?