ID 686

Word Problems K9Daniel is two years older than three times Joanna's age.

If Joanna is j years old, how would you calculate Daniel's age?

ID 689

Word Problems K9John packs 10 CDs in a box.

If he has 123 CDs of one type, and 45 of another, how many boxes would he need in order to pack them all while not mixing the types?

ID 694

Word Problems K9Which statement is NOT correct?

ID 695

Word Problems K9Tim is building two hamster cages in the shape of rectangular prisms. The first cage is 44 cm long, 33 cm wide and 33 cm high. The second cage has the same width, but is 10% longer and higher.

What is the difference between the volumes of the cages?

ID 710

Word Problems K9Of the 26 capital letters, how many are symmetrical along both the vertical and the horizontal axes?

ID 711

Word Problems K9Pipe 1 can empty a full tank in 1 hour. Pipe 2 can empty the tank in 2 hours.
If both pipes are used, how long will it take to empty the tank?

ID 712

Word Problems K9Kate ties the leash of her dog to the corner of a garden.
The leash is 3 meters long.
Over how many square meters can Kate's dog wander?

ID 723

Word Problems K9The number of strawberry cones sold at an ice cream store was 1 more than 3 times the number of vanilla cones sold.
A total of 601 cones were sold.

How many vanilla cones were sold?

ID 726

Word Problems K9How many cubes will balance one sphere?

ID 729

Word Problems K9Alex needs six tacks to fix two rectangular pictures because he can overlap the pictures.

What is the least number of tacks he needs to tack eleven pictures?

ID 730

Word Problems K9The picture shows the first five notes of the tune 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'.
How many different melodies can be composed by these five notes?

ID 733

Word Problems K9Water flows through two pipes from F to G.
As shown, there are four taps, A, B, C, and D, which can be opened or closed.
There are 24=16 different ways of setting the taps.

How many of these 16 ways will allow water to flow from F to G?

ID 735

Word Problems K9There is a set of 10 numbers. Five numbers are selected from the set and added together.

The remaining five numbers are also added together. These two sums are then multiplied.

Find the maximum possible product of the multiplication.

ID 738

Word Problems K9John's dad pays him 80 cents for each correct answer he provides in his math homework and fines him 20 cents for each incorrect answer.
Today, John received $15 after completing 50 problems.

How many problems did John answer correctly?

ID 740

Word Problems K9Five students put their sandwiches into five paper bags. The bags are randomly distributed to the students.

What is the probability that all the five students receive the correct bag?

ID 746

Word Problems K9Eugenia's grandmother bought a new car for $55,000 in 1970.
The car depreciated in value 10% each year until 1990.
After 1990, it increased in value by 10% each year.

How much was the car worth in 2010?

ID 747

Word Problems K9I want to put exactly 4 liters of milk into a large tub with a capacity of roughly 10 or 11 liters. I have available a 5-liter bucket and two 3-liter buckets.

What is the least amount of milk needed to complete this operation?

ID 751

Word Problems K9How many generations forward must you go in order to have more than one thousand ancestors?

ID 757

Word Problems K9A password consists of three digits, from 0 to 9, followed by a capital letter from an alphabet having 26 letters.
Repetition of digits is allowed.

Determine the number of different passwords that can be created.

ID 758

Word Problems K9The product of four consecutive whole numbers is 3024.

What are these numbers?

Source: Berrondom, Marie - Mathematical Games, 1983

ID 759

Word Problems K9It takes 2 cards to build a single-storey card house.
It takes 7 cards to build a 2-storey card house.
It takes 15 cards to build a 3-storey card house.

How many stories can you build with 60 cards?

ID 762

Word Problems K9Is the number of people in the world that has shaken hands with an odd number of people odd or even?

Source: Fixx, James F. - Solve It!, 1978

ID 764

Word Problems K9A lady always arrives at the train station at exactly six o'clock to pick up her husband and drive him home. One day the man arrives an hour early, starts walking home, and is picked up by the lady on his way out to the train station. They arrive at home twenty minutes earlier than usual.

How long did he walk before he met his wife?

Source: Fixx, James F. - Solve It!, 1978

ID 765

Word Problems K9It takes Alex 20 minutes to paint a fence while it takes Bill 30 minutes to paint the same fence.

How long would it have taken if they worked together?

ID 767

Word Problems K9There are 40 boys and 60 girls in Funnytown.
There are 50 men and 50 women in Funnytown.
What is the percentage of boys in the town?

ID 770

Word Problems K9How many of the first 100 integers are divisible by either 2 or 3?

ID 772

Word Problems K9For every birthday of John's life he puts as many dollars in a piggy bank as his age in months.
There are 1440 dollars in the bank.

How old is John?

ID 773

Word Problems K9Jim won a contest in which the prize was his weight in U.S. dimes (1 dime = 10 cents).

If a dime weighs 2.7 grams and if Jim weighs 54 kilograms, how much money did he win?

ID 1071

Word Problems K9Anna had an average score of 90 on her first ten tests.
Her average after all twelve tests was 80.

What was the average score of her last two tests?

ID 1114

Word Problems K9The sum of three different positive integers is 33.
The smallest and the largest integers differ by 22.

How many different 3-number sets satisfy the conditions?

ID 1258

Word Problems K9Juice is poured from a full 1 L bottle into an empty glass until both the glass and the bottle are 80% full.

What is the volume of the glass?

ID 1320

Word Problems K9Mrs. Smith has 80 birds: geese, hens and ducks.
The ratio of geese to hens is 3:1.
60% of the birds are ducks.

How many geese does Mrs. Smith have?

ID 1419

Word Problems K9It takes six people 48 hours to paint a house.

How long would it take to paint the house if three people were added in the middle of the project?

ID 1420

Word Problems K9A girl is 10 years old.
She is five times older than her dog.

In how many years will she be twice as old as her dog?

ID 1447

Word Problems K9Figure out the smallest difference between two four-digit integers, each contains all of the digits 6 ,7, 8 and 9?

ID 1513

Word Problems K9What does the algorithm say?

ID 1550

Word Problems K9How many crosses can you place on a Tic-tac-toe board without making three-in-a-row in any direction?

ID 1573

Word Problems K9Eight students travel in a car.
They speak English, French and Spanish.
Everybody speaks two languages.
Four students speak French.
Five students speak Spanish.

How many students speak English?

ID 1610

Word Problems K9Roman numerals are a numeral system of Ancient Rome based on letters of the alphabet.

For example, XCVII is 97 (100 – 10 + 7).

Which year that has passed consists of the largest number of symbols when expressed in Roman numerals?

Mathematical Pie , 1984

ID 1628

Word Problems K9In a football tournament every team plays a match against every other team once and only once.

If 120 matches are played in total, how many teams participated?

ID 1718

Word Problems K9How many different lines that extend to infinity in both directions can you draw through any two of these ten points?

ID 1814

Word Problems K9I throw a fair die until 1 is obtained.

What is the probability that this will happen on the second throw?

ID 1815

Word Problems K9A straight line and two circles are drawn to form several bounded regions.
For example, the picture on the right shows 4 bounded regions.

What number of regions is NOT possible?

ID 1860

Word Problems K9If each row and each column of the square must contain exactly one triangle, circle, pentagon, and rhombus, which shape must be placed in the empty white cell?

ID 1937

Word Problems K9Twenty-two performers have numbers 1 to 22.
A couple finds that their numbers add to a perfect square.

What is the largest possible difference between the two numbers?

ID 1942

Word Problems K9A 200-dollar stock loses $40 of its value for a week.

What percent of increase will recover all of its lost value?

ID 2022

Word Problems K9Anna began eating 25 jellybeans at a rate of 1 every 5 minutes.
Eleven minutes later, Bill joined her, and ate at a rate of 1 every 4 minutes.

Who ate more jellybeans?

ID 2063

Word Problems K9Thinking outside the box:

52 - 28 = 4

Which digit has to be moved to make the equation correct?

ID 2165

Word Problems K9A company initially planned for sixty people to complete a project in 100 days.

If the number of people is decreased by 10, what is the delay in the time to completion for the project?

ID 2169

Word Problems K9John is going to repair his house. There are three major activities:
electrical installation takes 3 man-days;
sanitary installation takes 4 man-days; and
garden work takes 5 man-days.

His neighbor Mary agrees to participate in the project. They have the same skills and productivity, but refuse to work on the same activity at the same time.

What is the shortest project duration if they work together?

ID 2206

Word Problems K9Four sisters are all 30 months apart in age.
The total of their ages is equal to 31 years.

How old is the youngest sister?

ID 2207

Word Problems K9The difference between a two-digit number and the two-digit number obtained by interchanging the positions of its digits is 72.

What is the sum of the two digits of that number?

ID 2210

Word Problems K9John received a pay raise due to extraordinary performance.
He decided to not to work on Friday so that his overall pay would remain unchanged.

What is the pay raise?

ID 2217

Word Problems K9An amoeba is a shapeless unicellular organism.
An amoeba propagates by simple division into two amoebas; each split takes 3 minutes to complete.
At noon, 0.1% of a Petri dish was filled with amoebas.

At what time will the dish be full?

ID 2273

Word Problems K9Ninety-nine percent of John's nuts and 99% of a nut cost as much as all his nuts. How many nuts does he have?

ID 2281

Word Problems K9Which number should replace the question mark?

8 1 6 3 4 5 2 7 0 ?

ID 2292

Word Problems K9A boy scored 28 times or 35% in a series of kicks.

What was the series out of?

ID 2316

Word Problems K9How many steps are required to break the Swiss chocolate bar into 1 x 1 pieces?

ID 3006

Word Problems K9The ratio of goats to tigers in a zoo is 3:2.
There are a total of 100 animals in the zoo.
10% of the animals are goats and tigers.

How many goats are in the zoo?

ID 3007

Word Problems K9Anna spent $8.99 on groceries. She bought three liters of milk and 20 cereal bars.
Three cereal bars cost the same as one liter of milk.

How much does one cereal bar cost?

ID 3011

Word Problems K9Which statement is CORRECT?

'even' is an even number;
'odd' is an odd number;

{Evens} = 2Z = {..., -6, -4, -2, 0, 2, 4, 6, ...}
{Odds} = 2Z + 1 = {..., -5, -3, -1, 1, 3, 5, ...}.

ID 3018

Word Problems K9Eleven men met at a conference.
Each man shook hands with each of the other men exactly once.

How many handshakes took place?

ID 3037

Word Problems K9For every birthday, John's parents put as many dollars in a piggy bank as his age in years.
The total in the piggy bank is $120.

How old is he?

ID 3042

Word Problems K9Eugenia, the magician, receives a 50% discount every time she asks for the price.

She bought a $200 puppy for less than $1.

How many times did she ask for the price?

ID 3046

Word Problems K9Find the average of the numbers

6 66 666 6666 66666 666666

ID 3047

Word Problems K9A melon slice weighs 5kg, and 96% of the weight is from water.
After lying in the sun, the water makes up 75% of the weight.

Estimate the new weight of the slice in kg.

ID 3105

Word Problems K9For every birthday of John's life he puts as many dollars in a piggy bank as his age in months.
There are 1092 dollars in the bank.

How old is John?

ID 3133

Word Problems K9The sum of the consecutive integers from -33 to X, inclusive, is 69.

What is the value of X?

ID 3136

Word Problems K9A password consists of four digits and the repetition of digits is not allowed.
Determine the number of different passwords that can be created.

ID 3190

Word Problems K9Here, a password consists of four capital letters from A to Z.

How many passwords are there that read the same backwards as forwards?

ID 3213

Word Problems K9A dozen balls cost you $50.
You get every fifth ball for free.

How many balls do you get for $100?

ID 3223

Word Problems K9Anna had an average score of 90 on her first nine tests.
Her average after all ten tests was 91.

What was the score on her last test?

ID 3297

Word Problems K9If nine hens can lay six eggs in two days, how many hens would be needed to lay 20 eggs in three days?

ID 3354

Word Problems K9Estimate what part of the rectangle is blue.

ID 3404

Word Problems K9Tree diagrams present the hierarchical structure of schools or companies.
Which diagram has the largest number of hierarchical levels?

ID 3425

Word Problems K9Anna ran in the north direction at a speed of 3 miles per hour, Bobby ran west at a speed of 4 miles per hour, and their dog, Rex, was running between them at a speed of 9 miles per hour.

What was the distance between the children in one hour?

ID 3464

Word Problems K9Several students want to rent a car for the next weekend.
If each contributes $19, they lack $10.
If each contributes $21, they have an extra $10.

How many students are there?

ID 3495

Word Problems K9Seventy-five percent of the apples in a box and seventy-five percent of an apple cost the same as all of the apples in the box.

How many apples are there in the box?

ID 3498

Word Problems K9A boy scored 21 times or 84% in a series of kicks.

What was the series out of?

ID 3507

Word Problems K9I want to move just two matchsticks to make the equation correct.

How many different ways are there to do this?

ID 3529

Word Problems K9Twelve years ago, Bill was twice as old as Anna.
Twelve years on from now, she will be 7/10 of his age.

How old is Anna now?

ID 3545

Word Problems K9Adding a letter to a word makes it odd.

What is the word?

ID 3597

Word Problems K9A boy has as many sisters as brothers, but each of his sisters has three times more brothers than sisters.

How many sisters are there in the family?

ID 3611

Word Problems K9A four-letter word can be written forward, backward or upside down while remaining the same word.

What is the first letter of the word?

ID 3669

Word Problems K9How many four-digit numbers are there that use the four digits of 2011?

ID 3691

Word Problems K9What is half an hour added to 0.45 hours?

ID 3694

Word Problems K9Is it legal for a man in Montana to dance with his widow's sister at her marriage ceremony?

ID 3727

Word Problems K9Mount Everest is the Earth's highest mountain with a peak at 8,848 meters (29,029 ft) above sea level.
Indian mathematician Radhanath Sikdar was the first to identify Everest as the world's highest peak in 1852. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit on 29 May 1953.

What was the highest mountain in the world before Mount Everest was discovered?

ID 3733

Word Problems K9The numbers are the total of the values of the symbols within each column and row.

What should replace the question mark?

ID 3756

Word Problems K9 1 gives 2
2 gives 6
3 gives 12
4 gives 20

What does 10 give?

ID 3788

Word Problems K9A car weighs 997kg when empty and 1234kg when John, his sister Jane, and their two parents are inside.

Find the weight of the parents if they are twice as heavy as the children.

ID 3873

Word Problems K9The pie chart represents the results of an election.
The least lucky candidate received 10%, while the most lucky candidate won the election, receiving three times as many votes as the second-placed candidate.

What percentage of votes did the winner receive?

ID 4021

Word Problems K9Metro Card prices: a single ride is $2.5 and a 7-day Metro Card costs $29.

How much will you save weekly using the 7-day Metro Card if you ride 3 times every day except Saturday and Sunday?

ID 4026

Word Problems K9At the beginning, the girl rode 6 km in the first 15 minutes and then 4 km in the next 10 minutes.

Which statement is true?

ID 4354

Word Problems K9Len's number is 31.
Jim's number is 32.
Sam's number is 33.

Which number is the largest?

ID 4444

Word Problems K9The diagram shows the lowest point and the highest point of our planet.

What place is the closer for John who lives in London?

Source: Nelson Thornes New Maths in Action. 2004

ID 4472

Word Problems K9Mrs. Smith has three sons who played hockey, two sons who played basketball, one of these sons played two sports, and one son who smokes and does not play any sports.

How many sons does she have?

NOTE: Smoking is harmful to your health.

ID 4527

Word Problems K9Which is correct?

ID 4579

Word Problems K9According to Wikipedia Mrs. Vassilyeva holds the record for most children: she gave birth to a total of 69 children: sixteen pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets between 1725 and 1765, in a total of 27 births.

How many single children were born?

ID 4581

Word Problems K9How many days does Bob work every year if he does not work on weekends and has a 3-week summer vacation and 7 days of official holidays?

ID 4582

Word Problems K9How many days does Bob work in 40 years of his career if he does not work on weekends and has a 3-week summer vacation and 7 days of official holidays?

ID 4663

Word Problems K9A $1 bill measures 156 mm long and weighs approximately 1 gram.

How much does a million dollars in $1 bills weigh?

ID 4681

Word Problems K9Gerry and Jane spent a week on an island and they ate only coconuts.
Gerry had already eaten half of the coconuts when Jane ate half of the remaining coconuts plus four more.
There are no coconuts left.

How many coconuts did they have?

ID 4701

Word Problems K9A hospital needs 168 pills to treat 6 patients for 2 weeks.

How many pills does it need to treat 8 patients for 3 weeks?

ID 4730

Word Problems K9In a room, there are 3 bosses, 2 wives, and a plumber who works for the government.

What is the least possible number of people in there?

ID 4855

Word Problems K9If the height of the tower is 88 mm, how many pens are needed to build a tower that is 1000 mm high?

ID 4876

Word Problems K9Sales for a business doubled or tripled every year and increased from 1 million dollars to 36 million dollars.

How many times did the sales double in that period of time?

ID 4890

Word Problems K9A brick weighs 5 pounds and half a brick.

What does a brick and a half weigh?

ID 4978

Word Problems K9When Pinocchio lies, his nose gets twice as long.
When he tells the truth, his nose gets 1 cm shorter.

His nose was 1 cm long in the morning, and it is 10 cm long in the evening.

What is the least number of lies he could have told today?

ID 5089

Word Problems K9Three parrots yell at Gerry every 2, 3 and 4 seconds, respectively.

If they start yelling at Gerry at 6:00:00, how many seconds will elapse until they yell at Gerry at the same time again?

ID 5188

Word Problems K9Bob works for 40 years. He does not work on weekends, has a 3-week summer vacation, and 7 days of official holidays. The average hourly rate is $12.5 and he works 8 hours per day.

What is his total income?

ID 5212

Word Problems K9Leslie Green asks:

It is difficult to see a 2% price difference between food items in two different food stores, but the difference becomes noticeable over time.

If the weekly family shopping bill is $200, how much money does a 2% reduction make over the course of a year.

ID 5226

Word Problems K9Most solids expand when heated and contract when cooled.

Does a hole in a shaft of metal get bigger or smaller when you heat the metal?

ID 5270

Word Problems K9If 30 students occupy 2/3 of the seats in the classroom, how many students would occupy 4/5 of the seats in the classroom?

ID 5338

Word Problems K9A triggerfish with a snout like a pig is the national fish of Hawaii and its name is


How many times does the word have to be written to write the letter "u" more than 100 times?

Photo source: Wikipedia

ID 5370

Word Problems K9Answer the traditional English-language nursery rhyme in the form of a riddle:

"As I was going to St Ives
I met a man with seven wives
Each wife carried seven sacks
Each sack carried seven cats
Cats, sacks, man, and wives
How many were going to St Ives?"

Leslie Green commented: "This is a variant of a traditional old rhyming puzzle, often interpreted as a trick question by assuming that the group was travelling away from St Ives.

Here we explicitly state that the narrator travels more rapidly than the cat-carrying crowd, and catches them up on their way to St Ives."

ID 5385

Word Problems K9According to The New York Times the average New Yorker produces nearly three pounds of garbage every day.
If the average weight of a New Yorker is 165 pounds, how many times does he/she produce the garbage that is equals to his/her weight every year?

ID 5454

Word Problems K9A 52-page newspaper "The Daily Dog News" consists of 13 double sheets. Edgar chooses one of these sheets at random and adds the four page numbers of the sheet.

What sum does he get?

ID 5461

Word Problems K9What is the main difference between the pictures on the left page and on the right page?

The problem is similar to 100 Bongard Problems on visual pattern recognition.

M. Bongard (1924 – 1971) was a Russian computer scientist. His tests played an important role in the disciplines of cognitive psychology and cognitive science. Bongard died in 1971 during a hiking expedition in the Pamir Mountains.

ID 5471

Word Problems K9I am listening to a 1-hour audiobook.

If I play the same audiobook at 1.25x speed, then how many minutes will it run?

ID 5534

Word Problems K9What is the number that is equal to one half of one quarter of one tenth of itself?

ID 5548

Word Problems K9Their names start with letters A, B, and C.

The girl says "My name starts with A."
The boy says "My name starts with B."
The dog says "Woof."
If we know that at least one of them lied, what is the first letter of the girl?

ID 5573

Word Problems K9What is the greatest number of Sundays that can occur in an year?

ID 5601

Word Problems K9I am 180 cm tall.

If snow falls at a rate of 0.1 cm every 6 minutes, then how many days will it take for 180 cm of snow to fall?

ID 5617

Word Problems K9Brainteaser: A word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it.

How many letter are there in the word?

ID 5628

Word Problems K9While going from home to a shop, Jane counted nineteen parked cars on the left side and saw a river bank on the opposite side. While returning back to her home, she counted nineteen parked cars on the right side.

How many cars are parked there between her home and the shop?

ID 5681

Word Problems K9A white hen lays an egg every third day.
A black hen lays an egg every second day.

How many eggs in total do a white hen and a black hen lay in November?

ID 5735

Word Problems K9Gerry works 2 hours per day on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, and 3 hours per day on Wednesday and Thursday. He does not work on Saturday and Sunday. He earns $264.

How much does he earn per hour?

ID 5795

Word Problems K9A wall is being built with bricks of 10 cm height. The joints between the bricks are filled with a mortar (cement) layer that is 1 cm thick. Bricks are placed so that each joint is at the midpoint of a brick in the row below. In every other row 2 half bricks are placed at the ends. The two half bricks are made from a single brick. Imagine that the wall is 2 bricks wide.

What is the minimum number of bricks needed to build such a wall that is higher than 200cm?

ID 5808

Word Problems K9The picture shows a project plan. Arrows indicate where an activity must be finished before the next activity can start. The number shows the duration of the activity in days.

What is the duration of the project?

ID 6208

Word Problems K9Last year my piggy bank weighed 800 grams.
This year it weighed 1 kg (1000 grams).

With what percentage did its weight increase?

ID 6457

Word Problems K9If certain words in this question are spelt wrong, how many of the eighteen words are spelt wrong?

ID 6585

Word Problems K9Swiss car sharing system Mobility provides its 133,000 customers with 3,000 vehicles. They are usually red.
On average, production of a new car generates emissions of CO2 of 15,000 kg = 15 tons.

If all these customers refuse to use the car-sharing system and buy a new car, how much additional CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere?

ID 6641

Word Problems K9Benny Bunny has three types of carrots of lengths 10cm, 15cm and 17cm.

What is the least number of carrots he can use to mark out a distance of 111cm?

ID 6701

Word Problems K9Five gentlemen ran in an election.
Four hundred people voted.
The winner beat his opponents by 1, 2, 3, and 4 votes, respectively.

How many percent of the votes did he receive?

ID 6717

Word Problems K9Leslie Green asks:

Here is a number sequence with a definite mathematical rule to move from one number to the next.

2,   5,   23,   47,   95

The tricky thing is that one number (not necessarily at the end) has been deleted from the sequence, but which number?

(Hint: This is just mathematics. It works in any language, not just English.)

ID 6780

Word Problems K9Having just won the lottery, Jeff has gone from tossing burgers for a living to being a multi-millionaire. Sadly his wealth has increased faster than his EQ (Emotional Quotient) can handle. He demands that the bath in his new mansion be ripped out and replaced by one twice as big. When the tradesmen try to make suggestions he just shuts them up angrily, and tells them to do exactly what he asked for, no more and no less, without adding in any complexity.

Jeff gets in the bath whilst filling it, but as it gets nearly full it breaks through the ceiling and plummets onto the marble floor below.

What went wrong?

Author: Leslie Green

ID 6861

Word Problems K9What is the negation of the statement
"Everybody in my class has more than 10 dollars"?

ID 6953

Word Problems K9Twenty-five students go to school in a bus.
Each girl is sitting with a boy, and a third of the boys are sitting separately.

How many boys are there in the bus?

ID 6983

Word Problems K9Granny gives a full bottle of natural juice in return for five empty bottles.
You have 33 empty bottles and you can use them to get full juice bottles.

How many filled bottles will you be able to drink?

ID 7062

Word Problems K9One-fourth of the cars in a car park are 4x4.
Another car arrives and now one-third of the cars are 4x4.

How many cars are now in the car park?

ID 7094

Word Problems K9The cards have a number or letter on one side and a color on the other side.

Every card that shows an even number on one side has the color green on the other side.

How many cards do you need to flip to be sure that the rule is valid for all the cards?

An even number is an integer which is evenly divisible by 2 : 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, . . .

ID 7160

Word Problems K9Leslie Green asks:

What is the secret message in the text below?

Mary Evans eventually took Michael, Ewan, and Tom Maudsley into Downton, not into Glasgow’s heavy traffic.

ID 7262

Word Problems K9Which proverb has a different meaning than the other three?

ID 7295

Word Problems K9Something gets wetter the more it dries.

What is the first letter of it?