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A+ Click helps students become problem solvers. Free, without ads, no calculators, and without signing-up. The website features a graduated set of 15,000+ challenging problems for students in grades one through twelve, starting from the very simple to the extremely difficult. The questions are based on the Common Core Standards in Math and go beyond by adding hundreds of meaningful practical problems and brainteasers.

The questions concentrate on understanding, spatial reasoning, usefulness, and problem solving rather than math rules and theorems. The problems include a short description and an illustration to help problem solvers visualize the model. The problems can be solved within one minute and without using a calculator.

The tests adapt to student ability. To progress to a higher level, you must correctly answer five consecutive questions. Younger kids in grade 1 through 5 have two chances to get it right. If you correctly answer 16 questions, the system suggests you enter the competition (click on Leaderboard in the left menu). The self-study learning site includes game elements: star scoring system, cheering sounds for young kids, statistics (click on Statistics in the left menu), and a Leaderboard. The Leaderboard shows the best performers of the last 10 days.

Igor Kokcharov launched the project in 2010. Leslie Green joined the project in 2015 revising all the questions, adding meaningful answers and many new original problems. Igor explains in the A+Click blog: "When I was a young boy, I studied mathematics in school and also on my own using Martin Gardner's puzzle books. Now, as an adult, I am eager to help children throughout the world who are in the same position that I was in as a child to discover interesting, practical, and challenging math and logic puzzles."


The A+ Click team is grateful to many people for providing valuable contributions and insights in order to improve the content of this site. We would especially like to acknowledge the contributions of

Australia    Larysa Fabok
Andrew Kerr
Orion Sanders
Edward Nordin Zuber
Canada    Gabriela Basile
Ken Boone
Elaine Dawe
Andrew Fielding
Jason Russell
Laurel Thorsteinson
Denmark    Ole Duus Jørgensen
France    Yves Combe
Pierre Duchet
Philippe Robert
Germany    Patrick Lauer
Greece    Michael Lambrou
Hungary    Sandor Roka
Iceland    Simon Klüpfel
India    Madduri Aditya
Eruvala Sudheer
Indonesia    Max Aza
Italy    Ottaviano Incani
Kazakhstan    Акрам Мухитов
Malaysia    Baharudin Alias
Palestine    Ahed Matar EL Moqayyad
Philippines    John Michael Cabus
Russia    Elena Danilina
Evguenia Kokcharova
Ludmila Nikitskaya
Spain    Cecilia Calvo Pesce
Switzerland    Oleg Pavliv
Roland Sauter
Sweden    Tony Hager
Thailand    Fiaz Idris
Trinidad and Tobago    Leisel Cummings-Caesar
Turkey    Fatih Ihtiyaroglu
Bilge Deniz Kocak
UK    Bob Creamer
Tom Dean
Amanda Fox
Marc Fox
Doug Hart
Jacqueline Mann
John de Pledge
Aidin Poori
Sasha Stead
Joanna Wilson
USA    Mike Andrejkovics
Ted Behling
Marina Brodsky
Hedy Benton
Christopher Brooks
Julia Burnier
Candi Canterbury
Aaron Chatagnier
Marty Clarke
Leslie Crenna
Andrew Derer
Lisa Downing
Kelley Gravell
Toby Gottfried
Jon Graetz
Brian Green
Linda Houser
Nicholas McGreevy
Paul Nielander
Martin Payne
David Richmond
John Tardif
David Woodward
Vietnam    Doan Cuong
Nguyen Phuong Duy

The sounds courtesy of Gianluca Ruggeri & Olga Kokcharova / Geneva, Switzerland, 2017.

The A+ Click team wishes to thank those people that have reviewed the site and wrote a few words about the site.

"Your site was one of 21 sites selected as a 2010 Great Web Sites for Kids addition." GWS Committee of the American Library Association

"Wow! Thanks for the awesome find!!!! This is a great website and so useful!" Bloggers at proteacher.net

"If you teach math to grades 1-12, this site is a MUST SEE." teachersfirst.com

"A simple format and engaging graphics makes A+ Click a valuable resource when it comes to building math skills." Stacy Zeiger, at educational-freeware.com

"Aplusclick is a good site for kids to acquire and tone their math problem solving skills, especially logical and creative thinking - an area I feel is not emphasized enough in regular school work." igamemom.com

"It's gon' take forever to finish all the problems! U rock." Asked at answers.yahoo.com

"This is the most reliable, accurate, efficient and the most valid online game that I have played ever. Your help, courage, and dedicate made my Mathematics knowledge very sharp. Thank you for you all. I am a student of grade 11 In Uva province Sri Lanka." - Nuzha Kidur

"The quality and the quantity of the puzzles of the website is absolutely phenomenal." Craig Barton

"A+ Click Math works on everything from a Chromebook to a iPad to a Mac/Windows machine." - Justin Cowen

1st Graders earning gold medals on www.aplusclick.org math site
1st Graders

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