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Grade 1
K1 Arithmetic
K1 Data Analysis
K1 Geometry
K1 Word Problems
K1 Applied Math

Grade 2
K2 Arithmetic
K2 Data Analysis
K2 Geometry
K2 Word Problems
K2 Applied Math

Grade 3
K3 Arithmetic
K3 Data Analysis
K3 Geometry
K3 Word Problems
K3 Applied Math

Grade 4
K4 Arithmetic
K4 Algebra
K4 Data Analysis
K4 Geometry
K4 Word Problems
K4 Applied Math

Grade 5
K5 Arithmetic
K5 Algebra
K5 Data Analysis
K5 Geometry
K5 Word Problems
K5 Applied Math

Grade 6
K6 Arithmetic
K6 Algebra
K6 Data Analysis
K6 Geometry
K6 Word Problems
K6 Applied Math

Grade 7
K7 Arithmetic
K7 Algebra
K7 Data Analysis
K7 Geometry
K7 Word Problems
K7 Applied Math

Grade 8
K8 Arithmetic
K8 Algebra
K8 Data Analysis
K8 Geometry
K8 Word Problems
K8 Applied Math

Grade 9
K9 Arithmetic
K9 Algebra
K9 Data Analysis
K9 Geometry
K9 Word Problems
K9 Applied Math

Grade 10
K10 Arithmetic
K10 Algebra
K10 Data Analysis
K10 Geometry
K10 Word Problems
K10 Applied Math

Grade 11
K11 Arithmetic
K11 Algebra
K11 Data Analysis
K11 Geometry
K11 Word Problems
K11 Applied Math

Grade 12
K12 Arithmetic
K12 Algebra
K12 Data Analysis
K12 Geometry
K12 Word Problems
K12 Applied Math

Exit exam
Practical Maths
High IQ Math Puzzles
Math Tests (Grade 1 - 12)


Arithmetics (Numbers and operations)
Algebra (Patterns, relationships, function and algebraic thinking)
Geometry (Geometry, measurement and spatial reasoning)
Data Analysis (Statistics, data analysis and probability)
Word Problems (Logic Puzzles)
Applied Math (Everyday practical mathematics)
Funny Math
Mathematics of Love
Geographical Math
Money Math
Time Math
Sport Math
Think Outside The Box
Think Outside The Box - full list

Books for iPad

Kindergarten Math
First Grade Math
Second Grade Math
Third Grade Math
Everyday Math
Math Olympiad Problems
Maths Pour Enfantine (in French)
Maths Pour Les Six Ans (in French)
Maths Pour Les Sept Ans (in French)

Selected Problems

Aplusclick Best Puzzles 2020
Aplusclick Best Puzzles 2019
Aplusclick Best Puzzles 2018
Aplusclick Best Puzzles 2017
The Funniest Aplusclick Brainteasers 2021
Leslie Green's Puzzles
PI Day
Colored Bears
Empty Tin Cans
Income Secret
1024 US Dollars
She Is Plotting Something
It Is Under Attack
White Collar
Riding Friday
Ten Pounds
Unlucky Number
Circular Economy
Five Letters
Walking Running
Red Square
Granny's money
Plant 7 trees
River crossing puzzle
Seven numbers in a line
Military steps
Apple cost
Wage rise
Removing nails
Hundred math problems
Base 2 system
Secret agent 007
2020 in the base 2 binary system
Five cards
Zero is an even number
Real Friends
Storks Bring Boys
After Rodeo
Girlfriends Choice
Reading Daily Dog News
A Finger Through the Earth
Bongard Problem
Christmas Presents
Low Fat Milk
Three Parrots
777 Hours
Address Guess
Six-digit Lottery
Shop Security Camera Geometry
Flip a Dime
Healthy Food Math
Octagon Diagonals
Tennis Stat
MENSA Tough Question
Rabbits and Eagles
Project Math
Counting Backwards
Truth and Lie
Taylor's Math
Trade Math
The Bermuda Triangle
The Best Deal
Christmas Presents Brainteser
Environmentally Friendly Shower
A Fortune Teller
The Chinese game of GO
An Isosceles Trapezoid
A Word Brainteaser
Mars and Earth
Rent a Car
Farmer's Field
Student's Meal
Air Weight
Gerry's Rich Uncle
Nile and Amazon
Pirate Captain
Chess Knight
Kitten Marbles
Mrs. Greedy
Knapsack Problem
Easter Eggs
Risky Air Luggage
Tiled Floor
Locarno Film Festival
Fifty five candles
Glorious Park
One Million
Electric Bill
Parliament Election
Dark Ages Story
Heritage Share
Mountain View
Celsius and Fahrenheit
Hydraulic Pumps
Driving Home
Bees Life
Hot Air Baloon Travel
Long Street Left and Right Sides
American Average Height
Achilles and Tortoise
Potato Paradox
Two Envelope Paradox
Friends share all things
Two Airplanes
Barber Paradox
Bermuda Triangle Angles
Pop Quiz Paradox
SAT Question
Open-air swimming
Metro Cards
A Revolving Door
Undetected Errors
Family Budget
Swiss Punctuality
Pirate Treasure
Wear Out Tires
Buying Cottage
Country Roads
Wikipedia Contributors
Interest-free Loan
Make a Deal!
The man who counted
Mary and John Manage Projects
Management Support
Swiss Town of Murten Roofs
Hair Growth
Sale Commission
Roses Are Red
Rich Man
PISA Test Question
Food Eating
Healthy Banana Food
Stock Price
Dozen Fish
Archimedes Principle
Seven soldiers
space Rocket Travel
Minimum Monthly Salary
Chess Board
dinner Choice
Rich Becomes Richer
Laptop Price
Even and Odd
Captain Hook's Rope
Restaurant Bill
Magic Puppy
Stadium Security
Stock Purchase
Ninety-nine People
Hamster Cages
John's Dad
Ten Million Lottery Pot
Contest Prize
Basketball Tournament
Perfect Cube
Taxi Charges
Space Rocket Safety
Newborn Twins
Young People
Morse Code
Pizza Price
American Emergency Telephone Number
Pay Rise
Button Collection
Multimedia Messaging Service MMS
Great Pyramid
Secret Laboratory
Ultra-lightweight Materials
Non-stop Train
Most Common Letter
Road Network
Mount Everest
Morozkin Problem
Giving Away
Life Span
Monkey Math
Pie Chart
Thinking outside the box
Real Estate Agent's Commission
Winning Strategy
Mr. Rapid is Driving on a Motorway
Roman numerals
Rectangular Floor Plan
Square Tiles
Football Teams
Hundred-meter Race
Healthy Heart
Good Bargain Shoppers
Five-digit Password
Yellow Taxi Service
Bill Mows A Lawn
Egyptian Pyramids
A Lady Avoids Revealing Her Real Age
Young People
Funnytown Rabbits
Kitten Claws
Henrietta the Hen
Fifteen Billiard Balls
Saloon Fire
Scatter Plot
Sea Battle
Center of Mass
Honey Bee
Legend of Carthage
Word SEASONS cost
Secret door
Three cows
Piggy Bank Cash
Math Library
Flying Superman
A Moon Man
Gerry Has Fifteen Coconuts
First Floor
PISA Age Question
Money Exchanges
Four Keyholes
School Committee
Ice Safe Thickness
Kitty Has 2017 Marbles
Kids Math
A Mystic Number 7
Mars Day Length
A Wonderful place
WHO Statistics
My Car Tank is a Quarter Empty
Secret Service
Books Grant
Credit Card's Number
Kevin Cleans Rooms
Basketball Hoop
The Guinness World Records
Discus Throw Men's Olympic Record
Thumb War
A Subway Map
Income Tax
The Best Smile of the Year
The ground clearance
Mary has a Cat, and a Rat, and a Hat, and a Mat
Pinocchio’s fortune
Tax Statement
Chain Break
Thumb War
FastMoney Bank
Rocket Budget Cut
Digits Frequent
The Lowest Birth Rate in the World
Coffee and Tea Danger
Spaces Between Words
Luxury cars Length
Sine Waves
Wood Comes From Air
Crescent Shape
Cacao Mixture
Relay Race
Freeway Numbers
Star Revenue
Penny-farthing Bicycle
Principle of Moments
Rear View
Wrong Spelling
Three Parrots
Medieval Currency
Basel Art
Date-limited Food
Silk Socks
Green-minded Driver
Car Sharing
Measures of Corn
Chess King
Taxi and Cheese
Swiss Intercity Railway Network
Bathtub and Water
Squirrel Hides
Motor Boats
Critical Mission
Desmond the Dragon
Baseball Balls
Rechargeable battery technology
Chaotic Price
Genie Wishes
Birds Flying Backwards
Tongue-twister Rhyme
Humans on the Earth
The great hero Bunny the Rabbit
Sleep at Night
How to Split a Restaurant Bill
Quality Control
A Handkerchief
Catch up a Girl
Grandpa Banger
Martin had $100 million
William Shakespeare's play As You Like It
Two Billion of Three Trillion
Hike Food
A counting-out game
Who Is Closer to the North Pole?
A claustrophobic gentleman
What came first, a chicken or an egg?
Powerful engine
Calculating income tax
Healthy Drink city Mayor
Alcuin, Abbot of Canterbury
MENSA question 7367
Barge Haulers
200 percent
Top-fuel Dragster
Olympia and Sparta
100-digit secret number
Never judge by appearances
Why is the sky sometimes blue?
One hundred and one piastras
Mars Tourist Agency
RMS Titanic
Mule's travel
Domestic heating systems
Rich father
Wild Life National Park
1802 Cambridge University entrance problem
Multi-stage Rocket
Happy Relationship
Crimes Statistics
Faulty Pots
Members of Parliament
Europe Value Added Tax VAT
Two Portions of Magic Powder
Solving Problems Correctly
An Ingenious Scheme
Dig a Trench
House Prices
Sliding Square Puzzle
Perfect Square Age
Black Middle of a Human Eye
Math Jinni Hotel
Eratosthenes Measured the Circumstance of the Earth
A Girl and a Mirror
Eagles beat Hawks
Corporate Meeting Venue
Family Table Tennis
Winner Crossing the Finishing Line Facing Backwards
IATA Three-letter Code
A Bucket of Sand
Non-overlapping Triangles
Mathematical Literatacy
Don't vote for 'Rob the Slob'
Pierre de Fermat Simple Problem
Mary is twice as good at problem solving as John
Zero divided by zero
Three Pentagons county
Rabbits, Kittens, and Chickens
Population of an island
Anno Domini
Website availability
Kid's balance
Red and white roses
Back to School
Leave nothing
George Boole
A Special Sale Tag
A Big Chair
Biased Coin
Five Tuesdays in February
The highest profit
My Notebooks
No Plastic Bags
What Time Is It?
Fifty Percent
What Is Sold In Pairs ?
Girls' Input
NBA Game
Basketball Match
Per Centum
Chinese troops
Police Catches Smugglers' Boats
What Number Cannot Be Represented in Roman Numerals?
Smooth Numbers
Distance Between Two Knots
UK Energy Market
Road Network
Single-lane Road
Rolling Three Dice
If The Refrigerator Door Is Open . . .
Transsiberian Railway
Big Ben Balance Coins
Big Ben Strikes
James' Secret
Guess The Exact Value Of Money
All adverts are lies
One hundred costs
Stuffed animals
William Tell
Tropical storms
Tricky Equation Puzzle
Sam Loyd Puzzle
The largest pay
Grandmother's gems
Spelling mistakes
Christmas Tree
IQ Word Problem
Treasure Hunters
Folded Paper
Borromean Rings
Children eat fruits
Connect Red Dots
January, Febe, March, April, May, and June
Soldier Shared Duty
Three Hockey Pucks
Delicious Food Encyclopedia
Petals Game
77 Gold Coins
Ron Rob Roy
Shocking News
Research Data
Five Friends
Security Cameras
Back to School
Job Interview Bathtub Question
Happy Town
Pears and Apples
I drive through the city
King's messenger
Two trains
Big and Small
MENSA Number Challenge
Folded Paper
Washing hands
Thumb War Tournament
Bolts and Nuts
Safe Jump out of an Airplane
Amazon Interview Question
You Lose Your Dollar
Break the shapes
First Summer Olympiad
Sliding Chocolate Bars
Observing Cars
Sam Loyd's Archery Puzzle
Four Scores and Seven Years
Country Names Challenge
Getting a Six
Traffic Merges from Different Lanes
Henry Dudeney Tabletop Challenge
Mistery Name
Square Island
Security System Lasers
Smart Hidden Message
Turning Sail Boat
Climbing Steps
Kitchen Floor


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